Marvel Studios, one of the largest entertainment companies in the world, has put an end to the most beloved group by some of its fans, Guardians of the Galaxy, Well, several of its main actors have declared that they will no longer participate in this project that has moved more than one person.

Its third installment has already been released in various countries around the world and as announced in its ‘trailers’ this new film not only teaches the past of ‘Rocket Raccon’, co-leader of this tender family, but is also used as a farewell to several of its creators, one of them and the most important, the film director James Gunn.

James Gunn was the director of Guardians of the Galaxy VL3.

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If you are located in this note, it means that you have already seen the film, therefore you are aware of all the events that took place in this filmand it is not daring to say that this group that loves rock and pop faced the ‘High Evolutionary’, one of the best villains that this cinematographic universe has had, according to some experts of the seventh art, in order to save the life of ‘Rocket ‘, concluding the separation of this beloved team, because they decided to choose separate paths.

As previously said, this great movie has two post-credits scenes, quite important for the future of this family. Yes, you want to know the exact explanation of each of them, we will explain below.

Rocket, the main character of this new installment.

First post-credits scene

As usual in this company that creates audiovisual content, This first act was shown at the end of the presentation of each of the names of the production team.

This shows how the main character of his third installment, ‘Rocket’, remains established as the sole leader of the Guardians, as some of his friends such as: ‘Peter Quill’, ‘Nebula’, ‘Mantis’ and ‘Drax’ decided to take new directions.

‘Rocket’, in the company of a new cast of Guardians, including his inseparable friend ‘Groot’, ‘Adam Warlock’, ‘Cosmo, the space dog’, ‘Kraglin Obfonteri’ and ‘Phyla-Vell’, a small rescued girl from the hands of the villain, which according to the networks will have a fundamental role for the next installment, Well, they are on an unknown planet while they talk about their favorite songs, which the ‘Terrano’ ‘Star Lord’ introduced them to.

Groot is one of the Guardians who did not abandon the group.

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From one moment to the next, some beings appear that have terrified the inhabitants of this world; in this way the group prepares to fight one more battlewhich for obvious reasons was not shown, but it is said that it will be known about it in a future installment.

post credit scene number 2

The last scene after the credits focuses on the character ‘Peter Quill’. This superhero makes the decision to return to Earth to be reunited with the only relative he had alive on this planet, his grandfather ‘Gregg Henry.‘, with whom he is observed talking while eating and discussing various topics.

The old man reads a newspaper with a striking headline: “Alien abduction: Kevin Bacon tells all”, referring to the “Guardians of the Galaxy” Christmas special that premiered in 2022.

This fact would be a reflection of what ‘Peter’ was looking for, a quiet life in the company of his only relative. But at the end of this simple scene, Marvel reveals with a phrase that “The legendary Star-Lord will return”, either in a filming in which he is the only character or is reunited with his family, the Guardians of the Galaxy.


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