Hasbulla Hasbik: The Viral Sensation

Hasbulla Hasbik: The Viral Sensation

Hasbulla Hasbik is a Russian blogger and social media personality who has become a viral sensation. He is known for his short stature, high-pitched voice, and distinctive appearance. Hasbik has been featured in numerous videos and interviews, and has even been invited to appear on television shows.

Early Life and Career

Hasbik was born on July 5, 2003, in Makhachkala, Dagestan, Russia. He has a rare genetic condition called growth hormone deficiency, which has resulted in his short stature. Despite his physical challenges, Hasbik has never let them hold him back. He has always been an outgoing and confident child, and he has always loved to make people laugh.

In 2020, Hasbik began posting videos of himself on social media. His videos quickly went viral, and he soon became a sensation. Hasbik’s videos are typically funny and lighthearted, and they often feature him interacting with his friends and family.

Internet Fame

Hasbik’s internet fame has led to numerous opportunities for him. He has been featured in articles and interviews in major publications, and he has even been invited to appear on television shows. Hasbik has also been able to use his platform to raise awareness for growth hormone deficiency.

In 2021, Hasbik was invited to meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin. The two men discussed Hasbik’s condition and the challenges that he faces. Putin praised Hasbik for his courage and determination, and he said that he was an inspiration to others.

Personal Life

Hasbik is a practicing Muslim. He is also a fan of mixed martial arts, and he has trained with some of the top fighters in the world. Hasbik is a kind and compassionate person, and he is always willing to help others.


Hasbulla Hasbik is a remarkable young man who has overcome significant challenges to achieve success. He is an inspiration to others, and he has shown the world that anything is possible if you set your mind to it.