Hasbulla’s Opponent: Abdu Rozik

Hasbulla Magomedov, better known as Hasbulla, is a Russian social media personality and singer. He was born in Makhachkala, Dagestan, Russia, on October 5, 2002. Hasbulla has a rare genetic condition called growth hormone deficiency, which has caused him to have a childlike appearance. He is 3ft 4in (102cm) tall and weighs 40lbs (18kg).

Hasbulla became famous in 2020 after posting videos of himself on social media. His videos quickly went viral, and he soon gained millions of followers. Hasbulla is known for his charismatic personality and his love of combat sports. He has even been dubbed the “Mini Khabib” after UFC champion Khabib Nurmagomedov.

In July 2021, it was announced that Hasbulla would be fighting another social media personality, Abdu Rozik, in a boxing match. Rozik is also from Dagestan and has a similar genetic condition to Hasbulla. He is 3ft 3in (100cm) tall and weighs 35lbs (16kg).

The boxing match between Hasbulla and Rozik was scheduled to take place on September 4, 2021, in Moscow, Russia. However, the match was postponed due to a medical issue involving Hasbulla. The match has since been rescheduled for October 16, 2021.

The boxing match between Hasbulla and Rozik is highly anticipated and is expected to draw a large audience. Both fighters are confident in their abilities and are eager to prove themselves in the ring.

Abdu Rozik’s Boxing Career

Abdu Rozik began his boxing career in 2021. He has fought in two professional fights, both of which he won by knockout. Rozik is a skilled boxer with a powerful punch. He is also very agile and has good footwork.

Rozik is excited about the opportunity to fight Hasbulla. He believes that he has the skills and experience to defeat Hasbulla and become the “Mini Khabib” of boxing.

Hasbulla’s Boxing Career

Hasbulla has no prior boxing experience. However, he is a skilled wrestler and has competed in grappling competitions. Hasbulla is also very strong and has a good chin.

Hasbulla is confident in his abilities and believes that he can defeat Rozik. He is eager to prove himself in the ring and show the world that he is more than just a social media sensation.

Prediction for the Fight

The boxing match between Hasbulla and Rozik is a close matchup. Both fighters have their strengths and weaknesses, and it is difficult to predict who will win.

However, I believe that Rozik has a slight edge in experience and skill. He is a more experienced boxer and has a more powerful punch. I also believe that Rozik is more agile and has better footwork than Hasbulla.

Therefore, I predict that Rozik will defeat Hasbulla by knockout in the third round.