The situation arose in a school in Argentina in the city of Lago Puelo, after the 13 year old student will bring some “happy brownies” to share with their companions and they were taken to the hospital for poisoning.

According to the first testimonies, the teenager told her friends that the desserts, in addition to chocolate, also contained marijuana. What alarmed the parents due to the easy approach of the minor with the substance.

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“The most worrying thing about all this is how accessible a 13-year-old girl has to drugs and that she went through her head to do what she did,” said the mother of one of the affected girls to the news program ‘Rosario 3’.

According to the petitioner’s statements, once all her classmates finished eating the brownies, began to feel bad, so the school directives were informed and proceeded to request the emergency service to serve students in their second year of high school.

“They called me from the school to go pick her up before the usual time, but when I got there they told me she was in the hospital. When I got there, I found my daughter in crisis, drugged and very scared. And she told me that one of her classmates had brought those “crazy brownies,” “said the woman.

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After the facts and the confirmation issued by the Rural Hospital of Lago Puelo regarding the status of the students, they ruled out that they were in danger, Agrotechnical School No. 717 of Cerro Radalexpressed in a statement that he was suspending classes until further notice through his official Facebook account.

According to local media, the affected students returned home without complications, while the school authorities take action on the events that occurred last Monday.


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