In LAM they confirmed the rumor that was running about the new boyfriend of Maria Fernanda Callejon. The woman is dating the athlete Fernando Gamboa And according to the PrimiciasYa portal, the couple would have started in July 2022, after having separated from Ricky Diotto, her husband. Fernando Gamboa is 52 years old, he was a soccer player and is currently a coach.

Fernando Andres Gamboa He is currently without a club. The last team he managed is Newell’s Old Boys of the Argentine Professional League. He was called up on a few occasions to the Argentine soccer team, having been part of the team that won the 1991 Copa América in Chile.

Fernando Gamboa

Once he retired as a player, post-professional football was hidden with Showbol. together with his friend Diego Armando Maradonawith whom he spoke every day, and with other well-known former players who represented the Argentine national team.

Fernando Gamboa

One afternoon, Gamboa told Maradona: “I don’t want to leave Showbol, it’s wonderful, but it’s not enough for me anymore.” Three months later he started as a Coach in the Fifth Youth Division of Boca Juniors. “I only regretted having to abandon the project that I had and that was to set up soccer schools with psychological support for players who were left in the way of the First Division and that these young people in turn would teach street kids. I dream of making it happen sometime once,” he assured.

What Ricky Diotto, Fernanda Callejón’s ex, said about her new boyfriend

The journalist Pía Shaw recounted: “Ricky Diotto is not bothered by the issue of the couple as long as it does not involve his daughter Giovanna.” At the moment, neither of the two protagonists of this relationship whitewashed their romance.

Fernanda Callejón and her ex Ricky Diotto

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