chinese leunis became the official conductor of ‘The Hotel of the Famous’ next to pampita, and now he is preparing to premiere a new program on the screens of El Trece, where he will do a duo with El Pollo Álvarez.

His professional success is plain to see, as is his charisma, which has earned him the affection of the entire public. But about his personal life there are details that are few known and that it is even difficult for him to speak in front of cameras.

This Thursday, he was a guest on the floor of Fer Dente on América TV and in an open-hearted chat he talked about his family history, for which he has gone through pain, but as he himself said, he could also see the light at the end of the tunnel.

The driver lost one of his sisters, who did not survive the moment of delivery. Her name was Ana, and that episode marked his life forever and for all the rest of his family. In addition, he expressed his admiration that despite the harshness of the moment, they went ahead and put their chests to the circumstances.

The loss of a sister, and how life crossed him with another “sister at heart”

When asked about this story, Chino Leunis was quite moved, in fact he confessed that when asked how many brothers there are, it is difficult for him to give details about it, because it is opening a chapter of his life that still hurts.

However, he reflected on the surprises of life, which led him to come across Ana, a dear friend who with the passing of time sand became his sister at heart.

The artist confessed that he usually imagines what his life would have been like with his sister Analía, and he feels her present at all times. “And I always think everything, how it would have been”, closed excited.

Who is Analía, the sister that Chino Leunis met on the road?

The story of Analía “His sister at heart” is also hard, and from there the connection between them emerges with more force. Ana is the daughter of missing parents, that is, she has neither a father nor a mother, and having coincided with the driver, in some way it was also filling a void and finding a family.

They met in the first house that Chino lived with his ex-partner, and from there a beautiful friendship was born. “Somehow we adopted her and she’s our sister and I love her with all my heart… We became very close friends and time made us brothers,” he expressed dismayed with the memories.

In addition, he assured that: “Somehow Ana comes to fulfill that role. It’s a beautiful story and I love being able to share it with her… Life has beautiful moments that remind you that it is worth it. There’s always a little light,” she said.

Analía He lives in Pinamar, and the famous said that from time to time they visit each other and enjoy quality time. And when they are not together, they maintain communication and accompany each other from a distance.

The Chinese Leunis and his tragic life story
Chino Leunis and Analía, his sister from the heart

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