This week details of the state of health of the capocomico came to light Antonio Gasalla (82). His family let it be known, through relatives, that He has Alzheimer’s disease. Simultaneously, they denounced that was the victim of a robbery for half a million dollarsamong works of art and more.

It is for this reason that, on Thursday morning, a court order prompted the movement of the case and transferred him in an ambulance to the Otamendi Sanatorium, where they are investigating whether Antony you need to be under the guardianship of your family, that is, a conservatorship.

On Friday night, Ángel de Brito named the cognitive deterioration that had been talked about. “Today his family went to see him. I recently spoke with his friends and they told me that, luckily, the first day of this hospitalization was very calm. That he adapted well, that he is in a good mood and that he has a good time within his painting, which is changing all the time. now already they began to compensate clinically, which was the important thing”he detailed.

Antonio Gasalla
Justice investigates whether Antonio Gasalla needs a conservatorship. (Photo: File)

It would be in this context of health that the comedian was approached by people who, taking advantage of his vulnerability, forced him to give up some of his assets, in addition to signing documents and stealing belongings from his own home.

We discovered on the ground floor that two deeds are missing and we can’t find them anywhere. The closet in which they were found was open,” he said. Miguel Angel Pierriwho was his lawyer.

“There are very important paintings, there is gold and silverware. It seems that, through some device, someone removed a significant amount of that furniture and that For all that furniture they paid Antonio 120,000 pesos”, he pointed out at the time.

What Marcelo Polino said about his friend Antonio Gasalla: “Sometimes he does not recognize certain people”

Marcelo Polinoone of the great friends of Antonio Gasallagave details of the state of health of Antonio Gasalla confirmed in dialogue with American Breakfast (America TV) that the humorist sometimes “does not recognize certain people who approach him”. “They asked him to sign things, they manipulated him”, He pointed out with anger for his friend’s present.

That is why his relatives resorted to Justice: “The judge issued a court order to make a diagnosis about the patient, in order to protect their health and property. And he explained: “He is accompanied by his family. There were people who broke into his house, we don’t know who they are, who approached him, told him that they were lifelong friends, that they wanted to accompany him.”.

He also revealed that this situation comes even from before the pandemic. “His brother Carlos, who loves him, settled in to live with him, but he is five years older than Antonio, imagine… it was all very complicated”, he explained.

Marcelo Polino was in the middle of the season with Antonio Gasalla when he began to show the first symptoms of the disease. (Photos: File)

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