Juliana Awada took advantage of the beginning of spring to visit one of the most emblematic tourist spots in Europe with his mother, Elsa Esther Baker; his daughter, Valentina Barber, and a large group made up of women from their environment. Relaxed, she showed herself walking through the streets of the city of Amsterdam and gave herself up to those pleasures linked to nature that always captivate her.

The former first lady of the Nation did not deprive herself of anything since one of the first things that she did arrive in the land of the queen Maxima Zorreguieta was tour the historic center of the capital of the Netherlands on a bicycle with a very successful urban outfit.

A bike ride, the key to traversing the narrow streets and paths of the city.
A bike ride, the key to traversing the narrow streets and paths of the city.

Cycling is precisely one of the great emblems of Amsterdam, with a high percentage of tourists who decide to visit the different points on a road: the canal area, the Museum District and Dam Square are some of the points she visited.

Juliana Awada walked through the canal area, one of the most visited spots by tourists.
Juliana Awada walked through the canal area, one of the most visited spots by tourists.

Taking into account the natural life and the healthy habits around food that it always encourages, time was made to visit a field with an orchard and make your palate vibrate with a series of delicacies from the hand of a local chef.

The organic dishes that Juliana Awada tasted.
The organic dishes that Juliana Awada tasted.

Beyond everything related to tourism, this trip was an opportunity for a reunion because his daughter Valentina has been living in Switzerland since mid-2021. There he studies law at a university in Zurich and, although he travels to Argentina from time to time, they never leave the opportunity of a meeting in the Old Continent.

Juliana Awada’s look in Amsterdam

The wife of Mauricio Macri he opted for tailoring pants that he accompanied with a black blazer or a striped shirt. To cut the total black, she used white sneakers, tan sunglasses and a sole-tone crossbody bag.

The urban bussnes look for the walk.

Juliana Awada left a warm message to Mauricio Macri after his decision not to be a candidate for President

“I am proud of you. Your vocation for service and not for power, your generosity, your dedication and your ability to put the country and the people above any political pettiness. I accompany you in this further step. Always together. I love you, “expressed the former first lady on her Instagram account.

Juliana Awada’s confession about her relationship with Zoraida, her older sister, and Pomi, her mother

“Cooking is a demonstration of love. My older sister, Zoraida, taught us a lot and we grew up with that example. From the hand of my mother, Pomi, we learned and enjoyed Lebanese cuisine. Inherited from her mother and mother-in-law, she prepares typical dishes of the Arab culture that require time and dedication, such as aubergine or chickpea puree, tabbouleh, beetroot hummus, falafel and labneh (a type of soft cheese made from of yogurt). The table is filled with unique colors and flavors and, when this happens, it is always an excuse to get together and share: children, grandchildren, nephews, no one is missing”counted.

“With Antonia we really enjoyed the garden. These are moments that awaken the imagination and curiosity of the youngest, but they also bring them closer to deeper values: care, dedication, patience, respect for the environment”, he added.

And said: “My daughters often tell me that I am always happy, that it is nice for them to live with someone who transmits that energy. That is why these pages (he is referring to those of his book) are a reflection not only of what is good for me and gives me peace, but also of what I have learned throughout my life and in this very particular last time. Diving inward, I verified that the more we search, the closer we get to that root that brought us here, and there are the most valuable resources: the love of our family and the most authentic nature”.

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