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My favorite part about getting a haircut is by far the massage. I always thought my hairstylist kneaded and worked my scalp at the sink because it felt incredibly relaxing (it could literally put me to sleep). But I’ve since learned of its many other benefits, such as improving blood flow, hair growth and hair thickness. No matter how hard I try, my hands will never match those of my hairstylist, but I found an affordable scalp massager that does the trick.

HEETA’s Scalp Massager is about to waltz into your life and change everything about your hair—in a good way, of course. The scalp massager, which is on sale at Amazon for just $8, is suitable for all hair types, lengths and textures. Think of it as a gua sha for your scalp. It makes your strands healthier, stronger and cleaner, and it also calms itchiness and built-up stress (yes, your scalp can get stressed!).

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Because the brushes It is made from silicone, the massage feels gentle rather than rough. The bristles work to remove dirt, residue and product build-up, leaving you with much cleaner hair than before.

The massager promotes blood flowaccelerates hair growthreduces stress-induced hair loss and counteracts the loss of hair thickness that can be attributed to the natural process of aging. I never thought there were ways to keep your scalp youthful, but there are, and this massager is one of them.

Though this handy little tool might look a bit odd, there’s clearly a reason why over 101,000 shoppers gave the product a five-star rating. Increase hair growth, scalp blood flow and hair thickness with HEETA’s Scalp Massager. You’ll be giving your scalp some extra TLC and much-needed time to de-stress.

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You can reach for your scalp massager regardless of whether your hair is wet or dry, though many prefer to use it with their shampoos, conditioners and masks to really rub in those formulas and remove excess product or dandruff.

Be sure to gently run the brushes through your strands in small circular motions rather than in sweeping ones that’ll yank your hair out and tangle it. The brand suggests doing this five times a week to get the best results.

Over 106,000 shoppers have given this product a perfect five-star rating and have seen first-hand the magic it performs on their hair.

I’ve noticed my hair growing a lot faster and it also cleans my hair really [well]. I used to have an oily scalp where I had to wash it every day but this has helped me spread out my wash days,” wrote one five-star shopper.

The brush is lightweight, easy to hold and can hang on any faucet or hook in your tub.

“Holy God above I love this thing,” raved another reviewer. “The nubs are much firmer than expected and feel sooo goooddddd. I love using this thing, my scalp has never felt so clean and fresh. I use it before I shampoo, and then again during my second shampoo. Best part: no extra tangles!”

Another one with thin, fair hair wrote, “I bought this thing AND WHAT A DIFFERENCE!! I no longer have dandruffno longer [have] an itchy scalp [and] my hair stays fluffy all day. This thing is a freakin miracle worker. Kid you not, my friends and hair stylist asked me what I was doing different—I still don’t think they believe me!”

Say goodbye to excess oil and dandruff and hello to longer, thicker, healthier hair. It’s about time you showed your locks some love!

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