Morena Rial spoke about her father’s state of health, Jorge Rial, who suffered a cardiac event while in Colombia.

In an exclusive interview with C5N, the young woman said that the television host is already conscious and speakingand that she and her sister Dew they hope to be able to return to Argentina with him as soon as possible.

Luckily my dad is getting better. He is already speaking and aware, so we are calmer“, More Rial said. He also explained that his father immediately asked for his grandson (Francisco) and that the family is anxious to return home.

More Rial spoke about his father’s favorable health picture. Photo: social networks.
More Rial’s post about his father’s state of health on Instagram.

The health of Jorge Rial: the discharge of More Rial after the fake news

However, Morena also expressed her frustration at the amount of misinformation that circulated in the media during the time her father was hospitalized. “Everything that happened was very sad. A lot of things were said without really having a part, and that’s unnecessary and disgusting.” he pointed.

Finally, Rial’s daughter called for consideration and respect for her family’s privacy during this difficult time. “The problems they have with my dad are with him, but we are the daughters and we deserve respect,” he claimed.

“We ask that you pay attention and respect the information and care a little more. We thank all those who are concerned and we send you a kiss,” he concluded.

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