Philip Pettinato He was discharged in recent days after spending a year hospitalized for his addictions. The son of Roberto Pettinato he had been admitted after his neurologist, Melchor Rodrigodied in a fire that broke out in his apartment.

After his departure, images of a celebration and reception made by the family were leaked pettinato; while the cause of death of Rodrigo it is completely stopped. In that context, in us in the morningthe morning program of the Chicken Alvarez in The thirteensaid present Hernanthe brother of the victim.

“This boy (Felipe Pettinato) had a great improvement: he can go to court,” said the victim’s brother

At the end of everything, beyond this, let’s all be happy because this boy has a tremendous improvement and it is up to him to go to Justice“, commented Hernan after making reference to the fact that it seemed to him that the hospitalization of pettinato it had been a judicial strategy.

Now the Justice I should go find him and tell him ‘Sir, now that you are well you have to declare‘. There is a question of a normal, common and current judicial process“, He said Chicken Alvarez. “Yes, how would I go looking for you?“, the brother of the deceased neurologist told him.

About the state of health of your parents, Hernan commented: “Since this happened, my dad’s state of health fell. I practically can’t say much, keeping it short and clear. The damage that has been caused by the event of that night has been enormous.“.

Then, he explained that his brother “lived with them” and closed by saying: “Justice should have taken into account the age of my parents. Not as an exception, but as a rule. I asked not to have reached the year without knowing anything and with my father’s health totally deteriorated“commented the brother of Rodrigo Melchiorthe neurologist of Philip Pettinato who died in a fire a year ago.

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