Lola Demichelis (10) began her new life in Argentina with her famous parents, Martín (42) and Evangelina Anderson (39). That is why every step she takes in the country of her parents becomes great news.

The girl has a marked taste for art. On several occasions her mother showed her playing the ukulele and doing a dance challenge on TikTok. This is why she was not surprised to reveal a new facet: acting.

From Evangelina’s Instagram account, where she has more than 3 million followers, a video of Lola was seen in a mega children’s theater production. The play was performed at her school with a huge display of costumes and scenery.

Obviously her mom was very proud of her daughter’s first steps on the boards. She was also accompanied by more of her relatives. “Dad Demi concentrating … Luckily her grandparents didn’t miss it or crazy,” Evangelina wrote happily.

Evangelina Anderson's post.
Evangelina Anderson’s post.

“The grandparents for the first time witnessing an act of my children. How lucky I am to be here with them,” he reflected. anderson about his recent move to Argentina after a decade living in Germany.

Lola, the eldest daughter of Evangelina Anderson and Martín Demichelis, dazzled with her musical talent

Like her younger sister “Abrojito”, Lola He has shown an interest in music. On several occasions, she has shared videos performing the Tik Tok choreographic challenges that are among the trends and revealed his great rhythm and good ear.

However, one of the skills that Lola stands out for is her great rope management. The eldest of the Demichelis girls knows how to play the ukulele – plucked string instrument very characteristic of places like Hawaii or Tahiti – and it is being perfected more and more.

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