the future of lionel Messi (35) remains uncertain. While there is talk of his possible return to the Barcelonathe possibility of joining the Inter of Miamiteam of the MLS directed by david beckham (47). To top, La Pulga has not yet renewed his contract with PSG, which increases speculation about his future.

In the midst of all this uncertainty, former Real Madrid player visited the PSG practice and met with Messi, with whom he took a picture with Frame Verratti and the rest of the team. Beckham, who retired from professional football at PSG in 2013 – a decade ago – is a great admirer of Rosario and is trying to convince him to go to Inter for a few years.

The certain thing is that the visit of Beckham not only brought rumors on the transfer of Messi to the football of the United States, but also it was object of diversion between the fans who remembered the physical resemblance between David Beckham and Papu Gómezthe Argentine striker.

Why is Papu Gómez compared to David Beckham?

5 months ago, during the run-up to the quarterfinals of the Selection Argentina against countries Lowhe Papuan gomez (35) became a trend on social networks due to his resemblance to the world soccer legend (David Beckham).

The reason for this comparison became clear during the stream he made on Twitch. Kun Aguero. In it, Gómez joined Messi, Rodrigo DePaul, Leandro Paredes and daddypart of the Selection staff.

During the live broadcast, the Sevilla player – El Papu – appeared with a new haircut, shaved on the sides and with a crest on top. Showing off his new look, he joked that he had cut his hair like Beckham. This statement among the fans of La Scaloneta did not go unnoticed and jokes are made with him to this day.

That is why They took advantage of the meeting between the real David Beckham and Messi to joke about this ‘meeting’ of cracks.

The memes of the meeting between Beckham and Messi

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