Former host and producer, Daniel Tota Santillan He went through very hard times after being hospitalized for suicide attempts and various health problems. After these episodes, santillan was diagnosed with bipolarity, although currently, the artist provided a note to THE M and talked about his current situation, as well as explaining how he managed to get ahead.

He assured that he is in good condition and stressed that he feels supported by his family. “Well, I’m fine. On several occasions I tried to take my life, now I bet on life, I had an encounter with God and with my children. These are things that only your head tells you. Now I thank my psychologist and my psychiatrist who I am in permanent contact with them and with my children, Coco and Daniela, and working, as I can,” he began by pointing out.

“Little by little I am going to the provinces to work. The suicide attempts had something to do with everything, I don’t know how to tell you, my head exploded. I worked for 15 years on the coast and had never gone to sea, having had addictions in life, to the game, but today nothing, I take care of myself every day is to live life again. I am fully medicated, I am not ashamed to say it, but I am supported by my family, which is the most important thing, “confessed the artist.

Before closing, he assured that the trial for gender violence to which he arrived after being accused continues. “We are still with the trial, so I can’t talk about that, my lawyer is taking care of it and I am trusting in God and in justice, and the next instance is the allegations,” he closed. santillan.

The terrible addiction of Tota Santillan: “I was self-destructing”

In May 2022, Daniel Tota Santillanwas part of the cycle free beings that carries on Gaston Pauls in Chronicle Tv. Once there, with great courage, he was encouraged to talk about a terrible addiction that brought serious consequences in his life. “Being anxious, the fear of losing my job. Work addiction has overcome me,” he said. the total about a problem that caused him to distance himself from loved ones and friends.

“When you come from down there, you start to think that you are going to lose your job. Tomorrow you do not know if they will call you again, so you have that fear that they will not call you again, ”she said, opening herself to delve into one of his worst fears.

La Tota Santillan He worked for more than fifteen years in different plays on the coast, and after a long time he understood that he prioritized his work over many more important things like his family and his health. “If you want to be with your family, you say ‘don’t wait, work comes first’.”

One of the most reflective phrases in the talk with Gastón Pauls was linked to the desire to remain in stardom and be remembered by everyone, without thinking about the consequences: “You always want to stop being a stranger so that your image lasts over time and be known by people”.

One of the reasons for the onset of his depression was linked to the death of his mother. “I came to weigh 220 kilos that I haveIt had to do only with eating, not stopping and not noticing”, said the entertainer of the tropical scene. He even said that he came to eat ten Milanese in a row. “At that time I didn’t see it, just as I didn’t see myself drinking four bottles of champagne or bottles of wine. I did not see it. They are addictions.”

Finally, seeking to bring a message of conscience to other people who are going through this same situation, Daniel Santillán expressed: “You lose family, you lose friends. Then you start asking ‘hey, did the friends get deleted or did they move away? And you say no, they moved away because they won’t let you help. If you let yourself be helped, your friends would be there.”

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