Majo Riera, the mother of Lali Esposito, She continues to project her career as a producer, her great passion. hand in hand Loli’s Luck, which becomes his first fiction, ventures into a new world and eagerly awaits the debut for this May 1st by Telemundo International.

“Loli’s Luck is a comedy about two totally opposite friends, who face an event that will abruptly change the life of one of them… I don’t want to tell everything! You’ll have to see it.” he said expectantly about the premiere.

loli's luck
Lol’s luck.

The production breaks stereotypes of television productions as it presents a wide range of characters and plots far from all kinds of clichés, extolling the rich diversity that exists in Argentina.

Starring Silvia Navarro (Monte Cristo), Osvaldo Benavides (Monarch, The Good Doctor), Joaquin Ferreira (El Potro, Club de Cuervos), Gaby Espino (King Vicente Fernandez), Alexander Lopez (Passion of Hawks), Mariana Seoane (El Chema, The Recluse), Christian Chavez (Rebel, The House of Flowers), Gisella Aboumrad (The Fan), robert escobar (Bloodline), Jacqueline bracamontes (Ruby, Divine Nets), Carlos Ponce (Luis Miguel: the series), and many more stars, this spectacular cast arrives to break down stereotypes and captivate the audience with a fun and moving story.

loli's luck
Lol’s luck.

The story of Loli’s luck

Silvia Navarro delves into the skin of Loli Aguilar, a successful and independent woman who works as an executive producer at Global Radio Group, the number one radio station on the West Coast of the United States. While Loli’s career is on the rise, her love life takes a backseat as she is passionate about her freedom and values ​​her life without compromises from her. She has never found true love and made the decision not to become a mother.

However, her life takes an unexpected turn when Mariana (Jacky Bracamontes), her best friend, passes away and leaves everything to Loli, including her two children.

Lol's luck.
Lol’s luck.

The news takes everyone by surprise and especially Loli, who feels that she is the least suitable person for this task. Loli will have to face her new reality and learn from one day to the next that work is not everything in life, and discover that the true meaning of success is family and love.

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