Mercury is the planet that astrologically represents the communication and the mindset. It is believed that when it is retrograde it directly affects the balance in talks, research, agreements and even in technological devices such as telephones or emails.

According to astrology, in this period, from May 21 to 14, people enter a stage of emotional review and of our desires. It’s also a good time to reflect on old ideas and pick them up from a new place.

During this time, Mercury will retrograde in Taurus, which means that it will be important to be aware of our emotions and thoughts so as not to hurt others with our words. You also need to be careful with personal finances and money management.

At this stage you have to be attentive to news from the past. According to astrology, it is possible that people with whom we have not had contact for a long time may reappear. It usually happens with exes.

Regarding the practical advice for this planetary transit, it is recommended to take care of computers, cell phones and have copies of important messages or contracts since they could be deleted due to an operational problem.

How Mercury Retrograde Affects Aries

This sign may feel some complications in your finances, but it will not completely upset your life. You should seek advice before making big decisions or making investments during this period. There could be delays in payments due to technical problems.

It is recommended to take advantage of these days to organize economic life. Apps or taking finance courses can be used to improve income. While Mercury is retrograde, you should lower your characteristic impulsiveness and think before you act.

How Mercury Retrograde Affects Taurus

This is an opportunity to reflect on how you want others to see you. It’s a great time to work on self-esteem, personality and physical image. Taurus will have all the energy to work on himself.

This planetary stage will be key to feeling better about yourself. Retrograde Mercury will lead you to introspection, but a very dynamic one. The most important thing will be to reflect on what your personal goals are, create an action plan and go for it.

How Mercury Retrograde Affects Gemini

Gemini has its ruler in retrograde and may feel like a nuisance when wanting to find a space for introspection. People under this sign will seek at all costs to get away from the hubbub of everyday life and connect with their essence.

The most important thing in this cycle will be to connect with the essence. The best thing that Geminis can do at this time is to take a breather to explore their spiritual life and understand their emotions.

How Mercury Retrograde Affects Cancer

Retrograde Mercury could impact the friendships and love relationships of Cancer people. Special care must be taken in the messages that are sent in these weeks because they could be misinterpreted.

At this stage it will be important to reflect on who we consider friends and rethink the social circles that are frequented. It is possible that people from the past appear and a totally different bond is resumed.

How Mercury Retrograde Affects Leo

Leo will be shaken in his professional life. Like the rest of the signs, he could suffer great complications in communication, but this will affect, depending on how he handles it, for better or worse in his working life. This stage will lead Leo people to challenge themselves and be able to overcome these obstacles. The key to success will be patience.

During these three weeks it will be important to rethink your professional goals. New opportunities may appear. If you are connected with your desire it will be easy to make wise decisions.

How Mercury Retrograde Affects Virgo

Retrograde Mercury will directly affect education in Virgo people. Those who are already studying may have doubts regarding their educational path and it will be imperative to review the desire to choose that career.

For those who are hesitating about starting a career or course, it will be important that they take time to decide. Decisions have to be planned and sustainable over time.

How Mercury Retrograde Affects Libra

Libra will rethink intimate situations while Mercury remains retrograde. This stage will be important to prioritize one. That will be the only way he will have for the rest to respect him for what really is.

In this cycle, very interesting job proposals may arise. These were developed in recent months and must be carefully analyzed before taking a step.

How Mercury Retrograde Affects Scorpio

Relationships, whether loving or professional, may suffer some ups and downs. The agreements made in the past will be questioned and re-evaluated.

The most important thing will be to let go of toxic and harmful relationships. To start a new life it will be key to work on yourself and return to childhood desires.-

How Mercury Retrograde Affects Sagittarius

Retrograde Mercury will lead you to review your health. It will be important to take a break in the daily maelstrom and perform routine tests to stay calm.

This cycle invites Sagittarius people to focus on themselves. Small acts like getting enough sleep, eating healthy, and taking walks will bring peace.

How Mercury Retrograde Affects Capricorn

This earth sign should work on creativity and take time for leisure. It is a good stage to contact friends and family to take walks that disconnect you. Fun will be essential to go through this planetary cycle.

It will be important to redistribute energy in various aspects of life. You have to balance work, entertainment, family, friends and romance.

How Mercury Retrograde Affects Aquarius

Aquarius people will take a break to work on their emotions. It is important to decipher them before speaking and generating misunderstandings with family members.

With patience, family problems from the past that have always been resonating will be worked on. It is important to take the time to resolve these issues and move forward in peace.

How Mercury Retrograde Affects Pisces

Retrograde Mercury will directly affect close relationships with Pisces. It will lead you to rethink how you are communicating with them and you must be clear with your intentions.

Patience and understanding will be the most important qualities to resolve possible conflicts or advance in making important decisions.

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