Findpet is the first free app in Argentina that allows you to find lost pets. It was created by Alejandra DiMarzio (53), a Foreign Trade graduate who dreams of helping families who lose their animals. “I have no children, therefore I have no offspring. Thinking that with this project I can contribute a grain of sand for our furry friends gives me new meaning as a woman“, he confesses.

The idea arose in 2001 but it materialized 20 years later when, post-pandemic, its founder decided to give shape to her dream. The application is valid for all of Argentina and can be downloaded from any cell phone. “To date, 2,581 animals have been registered and 136 successful alerts have been generated.. The purpose is that all pets are registered and have their identification tag,” confirms Alexandra.

How Findpet works

Findpet has a smart map where you can see all the lost animals. If you find a lost animal or lose your own, you can generate a free alert by loading the data and uploading a photo. This notification reaches all users of the app who are within a radius of 5 kilometers. If 24 hours after generating the alert the animal is still lost, the warning is extended to a radius of 10 kilometers.

In turn, the app automatically generates a QR that, when scanned from any cell phone, opens the file of the animal in question with the data of the family that lost it. In this way, contact between the person who finds the pet and the person who lost it is much easier.

In addition, the app Allows you to share ownership of the dog or cat with all family members and also temporarily share ownership -like, for example, when you go on a trip and leave your pet in charge of your trusted person-. Another important fact is that shelters are special users in the app and can take advantage of it to register all their guests for adoption.

The app is available for both iOS and Android.

Findpet behind the scenes

“I am a person who, faced with a problem, looks for a solution because I do not like complaints without a proposal. This passion gratifies my soul and it was a dream I had for years, but as it happens to all of us, sometimes we have nice ideas and we don’t they always find us at the right time. After the pandemic I said ‘it’s today’ and I started on this path,” he says Alexandra.

-Your profession has nothing to do with the topic. What brought you here?

-Animals are not things: They are members of our families.. Everyone has to have their formal identification, it is more than important. We need to reach all homes. I can not stopI have many things in mind.

You are a friend of Mika Prada, the first rescuer nominated for the Martín Fierro…

-With Mika Prada we met through our common denominator: love for animals. She is nominated for the Martín Fierro award and has the recognition she more than deserves because she is an incredible being. She is helping me so much with this project. She is super generous and carry out an immense task of love towards animals. I hope to repay him more than what he does for me.

More information at gente.com.ar