Joe Rogan’s Earnings per Episode: A Detailed Breakdown

Joe Rogan is one of the most popular and influential podcasters in the world. His podcast, The Joe Rogan Experience, regularly attracts millions of listeners and has hosted a wide range of guests, from celebrities and athletes to politicians and scientists.

Given Rogan’s massive popularity, it’s no surprise that he earns a substantial amount of money from his podcast. But exactly how much does Joe Rogan make per episode?

Spotify Deal

In 2020, Rogan signed an exclusive deal with Spotify to host The Joe Rogan Experience on their platform. The terms of the deal have not been publicly disclosed, but it is estimated to be worth around $100 million per year.

Assuming that Rogan produces around 150 episodes per year, this would mean that he earns approximately $666,667 per episode from Spotify alone.

Ad Revenue

In addition to his Spotify deal, Rogan also earns revenue from advertising on his podcast. The amount of ad revenue that Rogan earns varies depending on the number of listeners and the length of the episode.

According to estimates, Rogan earns around $50,000 to $100,000 per episode from ad revenue.

YouTube Revenue

Prior to his exclusive deal with Spotify, Rogan’s podcast was also available on YouTube. It is estimated that Rogan earned around $30,000 to $50,000 per episode from YouTube ad revenue.

Total Earnings per Episode

Taking into account all of these revenue streams, it is estimated that Joe Rogan earns around $746,667 to $816,667 per episode.


Joe Rogan is one of the most successful podcasters in the world, and he earns a substantial amount of money from his work. His exclusive deal with Spotify, along with ad revenue from his podcast and YouTube channel, contributes to his significant earnings per episode.