fito paez (60) was once again on everyone’s lips after the premiere of The love after Love, his biographical series. The truth is that the audiovisual project focuses on her musical career and a large part of the loves of her life. Although her most iconic relationships were with Fabiana Cantilo and Cecilia RothThe man from Rosario also had romances with women who marked him and to whom he dedicated his most successful songs.

The story behind Fito Páez’s songs that were inspired by Fabiana Cantilo

phyto and Fabiana They formed one of the most emblematic relationships in Argentine history. Their historic courtship began in 1983 and lasted until 1989.. From this courtship great songs were born that remained in the Argentine popular repertoire. One of them is the epic And bring joy to my heart that forms part of the repertoire of the disc Third World. “She’s inspiring, goofy and very muse“, declared the musician in 2014.

It was popularly believed that the song was dedicated to Diego Maradona since within the internal art of the album the song was accompanied by a photograph of the star lifting the 1986 World Cup. Years later it was himself fito paez who assured that this hymn was entirely inspired by Fabiana Cantilo.

According to the man from Rosario, this topic stems from the need for a little more love from whoever was his partner. “She wasn’t up to those things at the time, she was on another trip. I asked her for things that she could not give me“, explained the musician in the book who is the musewritten by Augustine Larrea and Thomas Balmaceda.

Fito and Fabiana on the tour for the 30th anniversary of El amor después del amor. Year 2022

It was love It is, without a doubt, one of the most iconic heartbreak songs in national rock. This was the great closure that the Rosario gave to his beautiful and chaotic relationship with Cantilo after 6 years together. According to him, This was his way of ensuring that the bond that united them was real and, above all, loving.. In 2005 Fabiana included this song on her album Collective Unconscious. Fito joined her to reverse this topic that already belongs to both of them.

“I saw your shining heart on the mic in one hand,” he intoned Paez in 1992 on the iconic album The love after Love. the hit Bright on the mic was inspired entirely by her. He remembers her singing in the house they shared in Villa Urquiza with her microphone near her. Back then, he was already with Cecilia Roth and his relationship with Fabi had already turned into an unconditional friendship.

The iconic songs that he composed for Cecilia Roth at the height of their courtship

phyto lived one of his most successful and popular stages while he was with Cecilia Roth during the 1990s. From this relationship, which continues on excellent terms since they are family, they had their first adoptive son, Martín Páez. The actress was, without a doubt, one of her great engines when it came to composing. To her he dedicated, almost entirely, The love after Love, the best-selling album in the history of Argentine rock.

A dress and a love is the definitive ballad with which Paez he godized Roth. “I don’t know if you were an angel or a ruby“, sings the rosarino in the lovey beginning of their relationship. At that time, both were at the height of their courtship and had 10 years of pure love ahead of them..

Fito Páez and Cecilia Roth

Cecilia always says what she thinks and almost never thinks like me”, sang phyto in the song that bore the name of his partner on the album he composed with Joaquin Sabina in 1998, intimate enemies.

A year later, on his album Opensthe Rosario would compose two in town. “It’s gone, it’s gone, our quarter of an hour has gone by,” she sang in what would be, as he defined, the “pre-announcement” of their separation. There he himself presented The farewell, in which he sings one of his saddest songs with pure passion with his piano and voice. According to his memories, the musician assures that Roth burst into tears upon hearing it. With that theme, she crowned the end of a great love that officially lasted ten years and continued forever.

Romina Richi: the muse of her film Whose garter belt

Romina and phyto they began their courtship at the end of 2002. Both met at a dinner with mutual friends shortly after the separation of the musician with Roth. According to the newspapers of that time, the crush between them was instantaneous. From that love her daughter Margarita was born and also several songs, records and even movies. As with all of his ex-partners, the singer maintains a close relationship with the actress. It should also be noted that Cecilia and Richi currently have a great bond.

Romina Richi and Fito Páez

I wrote the movie Whose garter belt? (2007) for her. It also inspires a lot fashion and people. She is a visceral and real person. Romi brought me a lot of reality. Without going any further, he brought Margarita,” said the musician.

In the song magical beautyhe dedicates: “You will always be in my soul. Free, open and full of light. It’s that time comes and goes. And I don’t want to become your cross”. This love theme is part of the album Rudolfpublished in 2007 and inspired by the actress.

Celeste Cid: “Although we weren’t involved in anything, there was something about her that inspired me”

Although we were not in anything, there was something about her that inspired me. There was a very strong bond with Celeste, which my idea was for her to trust. In fact, she turned out and she is fantastic now, “Fito Páez recalled in the book who is the muse.

He dedicated the song to the well-known Argentine actress trust, and it was for this song that the album he published in 2010 had the same name. “You are so uncertain. me too and no one knows“, the man from Rosario sang to Cid.

Fito Páez: seeing Dolores Fonzi was “as if there was a little angel in the air”

The actress participated in the first film of fito paez, private lives. The musician remembers having settled in Córdoba for a few months with some of his keyboards and a screen to review the scenes from his debut film. “In a moment that major chord appears. ‘My God, what a beautiful april‘. And her face. As if there was a little angel in the air“, assured Páez in an interview that he gave to Tomás Balmaceda and Agustina Larrea for his book.

It is very difficult not to fall in love with Dolores Fonzi. How you do? Man, woman, transvestite, plant, mountain, whatever the hell you are. You fall in love and period“He declared emphatically. Beyond this great rapprochement, the musician stressed that Fonzi was an excellent person and good vibes. After filming his film, Fito invited her to be part of the official video clip of the song he dedicated to her.

Julia Mengolini: a love of a year and a couple of songs

“Julia brought me the smile that I was missing. So it was very inspiring,” said the musician in the aforementioned book. The courtship with the lawyer and journalist lasted just over a year. I hope it is was the song that he dedicated completely to her and, in fact, ensured that the album I love youwas inspired by her.

Some time after their separation, the man from Rosario pointed out in his song Rock & Revolution (2014): “You think about your revolution, I think that rock and roll is missing a lot. What the fuck are your cultural battles, if you are afraid of sidereal artists”.

Quickly Julia Mengolini wrote a tweet that said: “Shit you got jilted.” Some time later, the journalist explained in dialogue with the press that this topic had not been dedicated to her and that she had been wrong. Currently both have an excellent relationship.

Fito Páez and Julia Mengolini

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