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    It is a good time to optimize and resume physical activity outdoors. Take advantage of everything that a good walk can give you. Of course, optimize it by just remembering to do these 3 things well. The sports coach tells us Amandine Sportes.

    Walking is the easy resource for everyone to do physical activity. Whether due to the heat or laziness, other disciplines become more uphill but we will never say no to a good ride. What we do not take into account is that in these simple passive walks, we can add a few details to optimize them and turn them into a good sports session to keep us active and in shape.

    How to burn more calories with a walk?

    For example, taking into account the position in which we walk. Instead of doing it passively, be aware of your position and activate your muscles: lengthen your back, draw your shoulders back, squeeze your abs and perineum, and focus on your thighs and butt. And now: speed up the march! Coach Amandine Sportes has reminded the Shiseido team that to burn more calories and build muscle, 20 minutes of mindful brisk walking are necessarythat is to say: inhaling and exhaling, without forgetting our breathing.

    If you’re tired, don’t stop! Just slow down or it will be harder for you to continue later. After the “rest”, accelerate again. And as the days go by, also add the time of mindful walking. Oh, and don’t forget to protect yourself from the sun and bring water.

    How to complement the walk to burn more calories?

    Improvise the Wall Sit

    Look for a thick tree in the park and get into a squat position. Drop your shoulders, stretch your neck, and align your knees with your hips, anchoring your heels well. In this position your body should be at a right angle. Hold this position for 10 seconds and then repeat 8 times.

    You can gradually increase the squat timefrom 10 seconds to 20 seconds, for example, so that thighs and buttocks work harder.

    When you’re done, stretch your muscles by resting one hand on the trunk of the tree and bringing your feet to your butt.

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    stretch muscles


    Use the benches to strengthen muscles

    Place your hands on the edge of the bench and with your legs straight, keeping your hands under your shoulders, raise your buttocks. Bend and straighten your arms to also work the triceps. Repeat 10 times and rest 10 seconds to recover, thus chaining 3 series.

    In the same position, raise one leg and then the other. He repeats this 5 times (for each leg) and rests for 10 seconds. It is a position in which the whole body works.

    Finish by stretching your arms, neck and thighs using the back of the bench.

    Join a Nordic walking group

    They are usually group activities, outdoors and special poles are used to gain more momentum and mobilize up to 90% of the muscles. It’s the discipline of 2022!

    Go one step further: go hiking!

    A nature walk, optimized. Do it with a local guide, connect with nature, breathe fresh air and enjoy. You won’t even remember the calories… but you will burn them.

    It’s not that easy to optimize your rides. Swap out jeans and sandals for leggings and sneakers and add these exercises. With very little, you can do a lot.