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Meal delivery kits became huge during the pandemic, and it made perfect sense—getting to the grocery store was a little risky, and aisles weren’t as consistently stocked. But at the end of the day, putting together a home cooked meal (or at least one that resembled as such) felt purposeful and offered a sense of stability.

But now that society is back in full swing, what benefits do meal delivery kits offer the masses? For starters, they can be wholly convenient for those on a tight schedule, allowing them to whip up a balanced meal in under 10 minutes. For others, it can be a way to enjoy a variety of dishes without putting any pressure on their cooking skills.

Personally, both those reasons apply to myself. Therefore, I was super intrigued by Hungryroot’s offerings; Anyone can follow the simple instructions provided and have a beautiful meal in front of them without hassle.

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I put the food delivery service to the test for a week (shout out to the brand for giving me the opportunity to do so), and gathered my unfiltered, 100 percent honest thoughts.

How Does Hungryroot Work?

The service is built to accommodate your specific tastes and needs—start by filling out a short questionnaire to give Hungryroot a sense of your preferences. It will then offer personalized meal recommendations based on your eating habits, which you can adjust to your liking—for example, the website offers a recipe catalog of ever-shifting options that may suit your fancy better than what’s personally recommended to you that week. You can easily opt into other meals instead to build out your perfect menu.

Menu items are grouped into different categories: Mains + sides, grain bowls, pastas, tacos, stir fries, salads, wraps, sandwiches, burgers, and so on.

Beyond offering these complete meal sets, hungryroot also allows you to shop its virtual grocery aisles, so you can pick up whatever is needed in addition to your full-fledged meals. Anything from lettuce to chips to sauces and dips are offered.

Is Hungryroot Vegetarian/Vegan Friendly?

Forks! Hungryroot offers plant-based meat options, as well as meatless meals. You can select this preference when taking the initial questionnaire.

How Much Does Hungryroot Cost?

Hungryroot starts at $65 per delivery and goes up depending on how many meals you order + add-ons you select (such as snack packs or individual grocery items, from a zucchini to a bottle of buffalo sauce). You can always skip a week or cancel anytime.

What Is the Quality Level of Hungryroot?

I won’t lie, I preferred the taste of some meals over others. While it may have entirely been a preference thing, certain options felt more built-out and exciting than others. For instance, I absolutely loved creating my own personal brie and prosciutto pizzas, but my chicken teriyaki stir-fry needed some extra fluffing up (like throwing in additional seasoning and vegetables to make it feel complete).

I’d recommend both entertaining new ingredient lists that are more foreign to you, but also adding in safe choices to balance out your menu options for the week, just in case one option sticks the landing and another fails.

Another benefit I found, since I was cooking for one, was that each meal stretched past one sitting. I could get at least two meals out of each menu option that fed me consistently throughout the week, allowing me to get the most bang for my buck out of Hungryroot’s offerings.

The Takeaway

While Hungryroot is certainly pricier than my own personal ventures to the grocery store, I think its added cost can be worth it in instances. If you’re not super skilled in throwing new meals together (raises hand) this can be a fun and different approach to cooking. If you also tend to let your groceries go bad before you can use them, Hungryroot’s enticing meals will lure you in enough to avoid wasting food. It also discouraged me from ordering in as much, since many of the offered Hungryroot options are extremely similar to my go-to spots.

I suggest giving the service at least a one week trial run to test the waters—if anything, stock up on their super yummy snacks, as those were definitely the first to go in my household. I’d also strongly advise picking up their Almond Chickpea Cookie Dough that can be eaten out of the container raw; It’s so delicious, people have tried to recreate it themselves.

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