Hyundai has been proposed to make parking simple and almost effortless through a novel four-wheel independent steering system that he named e-Corner.

This technology, first introduced in January, uses a Hyundai Ionic 5 as a testing platform to demonstrate how you can turn each wheel individually up to 90 degreesallowing for impressive turning maneuvers and parking in very confined spaces.

The most impressive feature of the system is that with all wheels locked at 90 degrees, parallel parking becomes a breeze. The car only has to drive to the place and then move laterally until it is perfectly fitted.

In addition, the e-Corner system can perform pivot turns of 180 degrees adjusting only the rear wheels or making turns of 360 degrees adjusting all four wheels, all without taking up more space than the initial area of ​​the vehicle.

This e-Corner system, developed by the division Mobis from Hyundai, uses in-wheel motors along with exclusive by-wire steering and braking systems. The company hasn’t confirmed if it plans to develop the system for mass production, though it’s easy to see why it would be useful, especially for those who live in a cramped, urban environment.

e-Corner technology is Hyundai’s response to the need to address space issues that arise in the world’s most populous cities. In addition to allowing for easier parking in difficult situations, four-wheel independent steering also improves the vehicle’s maneuverability and stability.

The e-Corner is one of the most significant advances in the development of urban mobility technologies and represents an important step forward in the ability of vehicles to face the challenges of life in the city.

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