The renowned influencer Santiago Maratea was visiting in THE M and he was honest with the driver brito angel about his various projects with the foundation he created, D&D. In addition, he spoke of his vision of politics, since many times he made it clear that he would not like to be part of that world.

“For me, my value is as a citizen. What I have to contribute is that a citizen, apart from the vote. I think that it adds up to have an idea and implement it so that we are all a little better, at least your people and your area Politicians sometimes call me, although not as much as before, because they know that my answer is ‘no'”, he began by explaining.

In addition, he sought to explain that the change sought comes from each one as a citizen. “I think that one as a citizen can change things, and not being one of those politicians who tell people: ‘what they can do for me is vote for me, that I am going to carry them forward with my ideas that are bigger than those of the rest. ‘Anti-politics is the future of the country. The system is changed from within. What the Internet shows is that one must create a parallel system and aim at that leveling,’ he said.

Before closing his idea, Maratea assured that the technology and the different tools that are now present are of great help “that we must begin to use. The system we have is very complex. We influencers are the only independent media. There is something for technology We see them as tools: they help us to make the system work better. ‘That’s my proposal. And another one… If I had to promote a law, it would be to stop me from breaking the balls…”, he rounded off with a laugh .

Santi Maratea confirmed that his next collection will be his last: the reasons behind the decision

The influencer also surprised his followers by revealing that the end of the famous collections that he organized in recent times on social networks is nearing. “There are many things I want to talk about with you about the collections and about the D&D foundation. Because of course, the energy that I am not being able to put into the collections, I am giving it to D&D”, He stopped himself, just before breaking in with the news that shook his followers.

“At some point what I’m thinking is that I should do one last collection and then slow them down to make room for D&D to work. The next collection I do will be the last one, ”he anticipated.

His intention is to get fully involved in the creation of the D&D Foundation, the project through which he faced his collections. Maratea announced that he promises to become professional through the transparency of the legal framework and that he wants this plan, launched several months ago, to be “bigger than Google.”

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