After working together on Intruders, Jorge Rial and Viviana Canosa they became bitter enemies. In fact, Canosa left the América Tv program and went to channel 9 to host “Los profesionales de siempre” and they assure that Jorge Rial never forgave him for that “betrayal”.

Since then, nothing has been the same and on more than one occasion super-sharp darts have been thrown. Now, in communication with the program show partnersVivian grizzled spoke of the bond that unites them and what he felt when he found out about the journalist’s hospitalization in Colombia.

Phew! It was horrible to read. I had gone to see Martin Bossi with my daughter and my niece and we went to eat after the theater. When I get home and look at the phone a bit to see what had happened and I was shocked by the news”, he told the program in the first instance The thirteen.

After, Viviana Canosa He commented on how they ironed out the rough edges of the past: “Last year I texted with him, he invited me to TV Overdose. I told him I didn’t think so. I was afraid to go. What am I doing there? But we still talked well and it was all good”.

“Some people wished Jorge (Rial) death,” said Viviana Canosa

On the other hand, before the microphones of the show partners, Adrian Pallares and Rodrigo Lussichstated: “I read that there were people who wished him death and I don’t even wish death on my worst enemy. I was very shocked because many memories automatically came to my head”, assured grizzled.

Before ending, he added: “I generally try not to have bad memories when many years pass. Think that I only worked one year in Intruders and 20 years passed”. Finally, Viviana Canosa concluded by saying about Jorge Rial: “Let him recover I do not wish ill on anyone”.

Jorge Rial thanked the Colombian doctors

“Thanks to all these Colombian health professionals, today I am writing to you after a huge scare. Luckily these angels were in the right place and did everything possible to keep me alive. But above all I appreciate the sensitivity of each one. They were loving, kind and very humane”, the journalist began from his social networks before his million followers when he began his recovery.

“Right now alone I write in the middle of a whirlwind of emotions to remember all the names. But each one has a place in my heart,” she added.

He also dedicated a few prayers especially to his doctor, Guillermo Capuya: “He did not hesitate to come here to worry about my health and to coordinate everything to take pressure off my daughters and the beloved people who were here.”

I will have to come to Bogota more often to celebrate my new birthday. And thanks to everyone who cared and prayed. Each of his messages came to me,” the journalist concluded in a post that was filled with comments with good wishes for him.

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