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Two years after a first confrontation through publications, Michel Polnareff once again attacks Benjamin Biolay and Calogero.

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War of generations or wounded egos of artists? Be that as it may, the open conflict between Michel Polnareff on one side and Benjamin Biolay and Calogero on the other does not seem ready to close anytime soon. Small reminder of the facts: in November 2020, the two singers, who released a common song, gave a cross interview to the magazine Paris Match in which they attacked Michel Polnareff. Benjamin Biolay had declared to be disappointed that the interpreter of The doll that says no doesn’t have”tried to make a good song“with Pascal Obispo”instead of ch***” on the work of the composer. Benjamin Biolay, accustomed to clashes with other artists, had even declared that Michel Polnareff was “impossible to save”, that the United States had hurt him and hinted that he was no longer a world star. For his part, Calogero regretted that Michel Polnareff’s return to the stage in 2016 was not made with French musicians who knew his songs.

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“Biolay, I don’t know who it is!”

On Twitter, Michel Polnareff had already replied to the two artists, accusing them of taking advantage of him to make people talk about them and had renamed them, on occasion, “co-voids”. Two years later, the singer and pop pianist did it again on November 10, answering questions from Philippe Manoeuvre in Paris Match in turn. Responding to questions from the reporter, the 78-year-old said: “I think that’they have every reason to be jealous. You talk to me about people I don’t know well… Still, I have to know who I’m talking to! Biolay, I don’t know who it is”, he began before continuing on Calogero, which the journalist described as a successful artist: “If he works well, he has to run! You always have to do more. Calogero, I went to see him in Brussels and I didn’t quite understand that he was doing this thing with… how is he calling already? he dared, clearly designating Benjamin Biolay before continuing on a pun on the surname of the artist. “Organic milk? Not understood.”

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Chain scrambles

More seriously, Michel Polnareff still responded to the accusations made to him concerning Pascal Obispo, whom he had however tackled quite severely a few months before the words of Benjamin Biolay and Calogero following a small quarrel: “But anyway, I’m not going to ask him to write me a song that I’ve already written! That said, I really like Pascal... I can’t not love someone who loves me so much! Obispo is a good guy.” Based in the United States, Michel Polnareff does not risk shortening his list of irreconcilables. In 2016, it was against Renaud and the late Christophe, other icons of French song, that he opened hostilities.

“I don’t know who it is”: Michel Polnareff once again attacks Benjamin Biolay

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