Ernestina Country visited last night Hard to tamethe program of C5N and he submitted to answer the mythical “True False” from the television show and gave tremendous statements about his adolescent past.

They say that he practiced his first kisses with a poster of a soccer player?“he asked Paul Dugganthe host of the program, to the former CQC. “Absolutely true. the one of Claudio Paul Caniggia. It was cool because I was in my room. When mom opened the door it was hidden and when she closed, the chape began“he said honestly. Ernestine.

Later, the driver told him a rather strange anecdote. “They say that as a child, Ernestina’s mother took her for walks on a dog leash“, shot Duggan and she stated: “It is false and true. I would take myself for a walk. I had a very big identification with my pets, I loved them very much. I put on my dog’s leash, gave it to my sister and took me for a walk on the terrace“, he remarked Country.

And speaking of your sister, they also say that one day when you were thirsty she gave you a glass of pee to drink“, he threw Duggan and she, between laughs, told the truth. “I didn’t know it was pee“, explained Ernestina Country with a totally new look for her.

They say that Ernestine had relations above the chairlift Cathedral Hillwhich for me is impossible“The driver threw her. For her part, she did not deny the situation, but clarified:”You are mixing two anecdotes. In the little egg that goes up to you amancay on track 6, on BarilocheIt’s true“.

At that moment, Duggan he lashed out asking “And how many people were inside the egg?“. For her part, the driver closed by saying: “Two! How many do you want there to be? It would have been a ‘notón’ if we were more“, he responded acidly. Ernestina Country.

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