A little over a year has passed since the great fight that distanced two artists who were great friends Patricia Sosa and Valeria Lynch. A few days ago, Sosa was a guest on the program hosted by Rodrigo Lussich, Show Partnersand relived the moment, assuring that she still does not speak to her former friend.

“I still have her blocked from WhatsApp, that’s what happens to me with her” began by explaining patricia. Then she remembered the moment where the relationship with his colleague broke down. “We came from a total confinement, the atmosphere of the music was broken. I did a streaming where I was going to distribute the money with all the staff that work with me”he remembered.

Then he added: “Suddenly, the last week of the sale, where it was going to be able to raise enough for each one to take their families, and the date came to me because she dropped the transmission. I spoke about it, I told her this that I am counting, but he didn’t care at all“. Furthermore, he claimed: His streaming was with a musician, it could have been done another day… He didn’t understand me, there was no way and that aroused anger in me, a feeling that I hate.”

In this context, the panelists asked her if she believed that Valeria wanted to “harm” her and she replied: “No, I don’t want to judge people like that… I hope not. I saw him like this, he doesn’t care about his neighbor, and that hurt me.”. However, he finally ruled on the possibility of reconciling: I don’t say ‘never’, I know that for me, particularly, healing ties does me good.”

Patricia Sosa revealed what important advice Cau, Valeria Lynch’s ex, gave her

The controversy between Cau Bornes and valerie lynch seems to have no end. After the couple separated, Taís (the daughter the Brazilian singer with Tamara Castro), who grew up with the Argentine melodic singer, was kicked out of the house where she lived with Valeria Lynch, according to the teenager’s father.

Although this occurred in a pandemic, the issue became topical when Patricia Sosafriend of lynch and current friend of terminalsvisited the program show partners and revealed intimacies of the situation. “I saw him at cau when he was here and the first thing I did was call him on the phone and give him some advice: I asked him not to go to any more programs because he gets nervous, you don’t understand anything when he talks, he goes around the bush and doesn’t get to the point . So he is like a scorned kidwas the first thing he said bland.

About whether he knew that lynch had thrown to thai of his house, commented: “I knew it, but I have a single bell. When they separated, I became friends with both of them. Then it was my mess with valeriebut he had nothing to do with it. I maintained a good relationship with him, who is a great boy for me and among the things we talked about, we talked about the children and among the things this happened“.

In the middle of the talk Patricia Sosa he narrowed: “I think that valerie love to thai” and remarked: “I saw the relationship valerie with thai since she was little and she was beautiful. After exactly I don’t know what happened, why valerie she made this decision because I didn’t talk to her anymore“.

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