Jorge Rial suffered a heart attack while on vacation in Colombia. His daughter Morena traveled immediately and when she arrived she was able to visit him. In dialogue with the press, he assured that he had no sequelae, that he remembered everything that happened and that a special connection helped him face the hard moment.

“He told me that he heard a voice, my son’s voice, because they were sending messages with Fran before everything happened through the cell phone”revealed the journalist’s daughter in dialogue with LAM.

Morena also revealed how her dad’s pre-intubation talk was: “He said not to worry, he was fine, but I thought he was dying. We got on the plane and my dad was intubated. We didn’t know what could happen. It was six chaotic hours of travel. When we arrived we communicated, they told us that he was stable and that they were going to try to extubate him. That’s how it went”.

After several days hospitalized, the driver is already physically stable. In fact, his doctor, William Capuyaspoke about how his evolution will continue: “Now comes the time that he will have to recover in the hospitalization that he has left here in Bogotá and then there in Buenos Aires”.

“But we are not in any hurry. We want him to be well and in good condition. You will not travel on a stretcher, but sitting on the plane. For a safety issue for everyone it will be in a sanitary one, since he would be more comfortable,” the health professional concluded about the journalist’s transfer to Argentina.

The relationship of Jorge Rial and his grandson Francesco

The journalist assured on several occasions that upon arrival from Francesco, his grandson, changed his life. Despite his hectic schedule, Jorge he always takes his time to be able to enjoy the smallest of the clan rial.

After her latest surprise divorce from Romina Pereirothe driver revealed: “My grandson put me back on axis and happy. They were very hard and difficult months. Everything was questioned. Except the love of the unconditional. Little by little I came back. Recovering confidence and my place”.

You brought a new level of love. Similar to none. Just like the one I dreamed of. Your smile manages to cover any gap, clear up any doubt and drive away any sadness”, were the moving words he dedicated to her Jorge to his grandson making clear the place he occupies in his heart.

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