After the awards ceremony Martin Iron 2023 many rumors were triggered after Benjamin Vicuna gave his speech after winning the award for Best Fiction Lead Actor for his role in The First of Us (Telefe). The actor mentioned “a love” in his words and the clues pointed directly to pampitahis ex-partner, although they also mentioned the Chinese Suarez.

“You get very nervous. I didn’t have a prepared speech and I tried to dedicate it (the award) to people who suffer from a disease and to the people they accompany. And when I was talking about Argentina, I actually spoke about my children, I tried to talk about the mothers of my children and I backed downThat is why perhaps when I spoke of ‘one love’ it was ‘love’. The love that they have given me, the love of the public and of course the love of my partners, the mothers of my children, other couples, but it was not a message or a hint, or anything, “said Vicuña.

I am impressed by the commotion for a whore that can have many interpretations. The only real one is that indeed… and I am already clarifying this, this is anyone!”, he assured between laughs.

In addition, he apologized: “If it bothered someone, that’s it. Carolina was with her husband, whom I respect and love, and we have the best, but obviously something uncomfortable happened”.

Roberto García Moritán spoke about the words of Benjamín Vicuña while Pampita smiled: “The feeling was strange”

Benjamin Vicuna was the protagonist of an awkward moment during his thank you speech when he raised the statuette for his role in The First of Us (Telefe)one of the last national fictions that aired on the open screen.

In fact, Many of the speeches of the television workers were aimed at re-betting on the industry and abandoning soap operas in foreign cans.

But, in the case of Benjamin, his speech was emotionally moving. First of all, he thanked APTRA and the public. And then, as the camera struck out his son, pampita and Luciano Castro, deepened his emotions. “Thank you very much to this beautiful country, Regarding this very important date (July 9), who received me, He gave me a place, he gave me my wonderful children, he gave me a love…”.

As soon as he realized his failure, he sealed it with silence and a timely face. Pampita looked at everything with her indestructible smile, while Roberto García Moritán was at her side.

What Pampita said before Vicuña’s unexpected speech

pampita did not ignore the situation and talked about it with Intruders (America): “That the camera struck me was obvious. The cameraman was not going to miss that shot. I put a poker face thereWhat was I going to do? I knew he had the camera on him.”

And he added: “My smile was sincere. She was proud because he had just won and the award was well deserved. She gave it as a favorite and he was sure that he was going to take the statuette“.

The word of Roberto García Moritán: “I did not come here to supplant anyone”

“Their story was very important. They had many things and they will be united”, was the first thing he said Roberto Garcia Moritan about the awkward moment that was lived on the screen.

However, the husband of pampita has his place clear: “I did not come here to impersonate anyone. I came here to be Carolina’s husbandto be a partner and a good example for the children of Benjamín and Caro, and to be the best possible father for my children,” he said confidently.

“Nothing and no one is going to get in the way… If Benjamin could go back, he would say it differently,” he stated. At the same time, he confirmed that the Chilean actor contacted them to try to stop any misunderstanding that may arise.

“He sent me a message and when he started talking to me about it, I told him: ‘I know, it’s okay.’ Of course I would have preferred it not to happen. It’s true, at that moment the feeling was strange. But this is so. I learn every day, I think he also learned a lot from that night. And the important thing is that the boys understand that beyond what happens on a day-to-day basis, there is a family that cares for them and that will always be there for them, “he concluded.

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