After some time away from the media, jey mammon He reappeared this Wednesday and gave his first live interview, after the complaint of sexual abuse made by Lucas Benvenuto in 2020 was made public months ago.

During the tense note, where he had several twists and turns with the panelists of ‘Intruders’, the driver spoke about how he experienced the pressure of the media and referred to the possibility of going to the Martín Fierro gala that will take place next July 9th. “If I go, I’m going to sit there because there is nothing more deserving than that nomination”he said about “La Peña de Morfi”, a program he hosted before the scandal.

Regarding your statements, Susana Gimenez who attended the new streaming channel of Miguel Granadoswas received at the doors of the studio by all the press, and they asked her opinion about it.

“It seems fabulous to me… It seems barbaric to me, please. Let’s end this stupidity… They are things of the past. Now there is a new thing, that’s good, people will have to respect… but what happened in the past…”, he began by saying in the live broadcast of ‘A la Tarde’ (América TV).

Regarding the criticism he received on a previous occasion where he also spoke of jey mammon, answered: “I defend him to the death, he is my friend and I adore him… I spoke to him twice, but not later…”, clarified.

Faced with the insistent question of the journalists, he added: “But what did I say guys? I said prescribed, but I did not mean that it prescribed as a judgment, but because it is old”, insisted. And finally, he maintained that he did not like to give opinions to others, but that each one believed what he wanted to believe.

Marcelo Polino also spoke about the invitation to Jey Mammón to the Martín Fierro

Marcelo Polino was a guest at the last edition of Controversy in the Bar and he did not hesitate for a second to trigger the controversy. She just sat down at the table. Marcela Tinayre wondered if jey mammon should I go or not to the gala of the Martin Fierro which will take place in the next few hours.

“Speaking of the Martín Fierro, the controversy begins as to whether he will go or not jey mammon. I am a member of APTRA and people ask me how the issue is”, he began by saying Marcelo Polino.

For his part, tinayre He said “What’s that topic, what’s going to happen?” At that moment, Chiche Gelblung He interrupted him to say that they were going to lift the camp on Avenida 9 de Julio.

However, Polino remarked that “the decision does not depend on him or on Aptra. The decision is up to the channel because they sent the invitations for the program. He is not individually nominated.”

What Jey Mammón said about his return to the Martín Fierro

A few days after the delivery of the most important awards of Argentine television, Jey spoke about his presence: “I could tell you that I don’t give a damn about Martín Fierro but they seem to me to be the most beautiful prizes on television, the most beautiful”.

“They ask me if I am going, if I am doing this to return to television, there is nothing further than returning to La Peña de Morfi, but if I go, I am going to sit there because there is nothing more deserving than that nomination . If I take everything personally, I’m going to Spain again, I swear. Everything seems unfair to me, I am dismissed, I should be working “he said without laps about the award.

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