the driver of THE M, brito angelresponded without hesitation to the lawsuit against him announced by the former driver of Morfi’s Rock, Jey Mammon.

Mammón reported that he will sue both De Brito and Lucas Benvenuto, who publicly accused him of child sexual abuse. The defendant’s legal representatives called the lawsuit “libel and libel.”

“The notification arrived and of course I went, without any kind of problem, like all the mediations that I have had to go to at the time. I sleep peacefully, I do not have to go around explaining, doing tours of programs or calling 25 lawyers who make a strategy I go and talk to myself without any problem“, Angel began counting.

In addition, he explained how the meeting took place in court, although he assured that so far he cannot give more details. “I went to the mediation, I greeted him, I shook his hand and I told him that I was not going to retract and I withdrew. I cannot reveal more information about what happened there, as did Jey Mammón and his lawyer, who leaked a photo in mediation.”

“Of course I’m not going to retract it and I’m saying it publicly. I’m sure of what I said and all this story continues to make me noise. First, because We were friends and he never mentioned to me such an important bond that he says it was for him Lucas, and never of an extortion or relationship. We have even been talking about situations of abuse with Lucía Galán and Vero Lozano, who was our group, and he never mentioned anything,” the driver closed.

Ángel de Brito responded to Jey Mammón’s complaint and was lapidary

jey mammon gave an interview to Infobae this week, in which he once again proved innocent in the face of the complaint of sexual abuse filed by Lucas Benvenuto in 2020. But in turn, the former driver of “The Rock of Morfi” He assured that he was about to hold different hearings with television hosts, panelists and businessmen, who in recent times have damaged his image through insults and public lies.

The list of the alleged calls for justice began to spread to the media and that is why brito angel decided to go out and deny THE M the news. “The summoned, that none was summoned, today I took it upon myself to speak to them one by one and they denied me,” The driver began by saying that he was angry about what had happened.

Among other personalities pointed out by Jey Mammón and present on the false list are José Núñez, Nazarena Vélez, Yanina Latorre, Karina Mazzocco, Florencia de la V and Lucas Benvenuto.

If you want, I’ll also give you my address so that you can send me the notification and I’ll be happy to answer all your questions.”Ángel de Brito said very confidently on camera and added: “But this is false news because it did not happen.”

In turn, Ángel de Brito took the time to clarify that Lucas Benvenuto’s complaint is not false because he has not been treated in court. “Lucas went to court and denounced that he had been raped with insistence to consume marijuana and alcohol that night when he was at Jey Mammón’s house.. And that fact was never investigated by justice because the law in force at that time did not contemplate all this. He prescribed by time. Jey Mammón looked for a lawyer, in this case Fernando Burlando, and they asked for the prescription, “he explained.

“Jey Mammón now that he says he wants to preserve his good name and honor, he could have opened the investigation at that time so that everything is clear. But no, he chose the easiest one,” pointed out the entertainment journalist.

“I always said that it is a moral question and I don’t know if Jey heard that. Because this is what the law says, not what I think. Up to 13 years of age is rape, no one’s body is prepared to give consent and even 16 is rape, you can give consent, but if it’s like Lucas’s case, there is abuse, because you have to be sexually mature to face a relationship with someone who is twice your age in principle, “he closed.

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