With a rainy start to the XXL holiday, Luciana Salazar organized a plan according to the weather conditions and took her daughter Matilda to the movies to see The little Mermaid. For this appointment, the little influencer joined one of the favorite trends of 2023: the look barbiecore.

The mini fashionista once again showed her good taste in fashion through images that her mother shared on her Instagram account, a social network in which she is almost a celebrity: she has almost 400,000 followers who she impresses every day with her looks.

In this opportunity, Matilda Salazar realizes that she follows the trends of the moment very closely and, like Princess Sofía of Spain, this Thursday she wore an ideal outfit for rainy days in the range of pinks, as stipulated by the trend that pays homage to Barbie.

Matilda Salazar joined the Barbiecore trend. (Photo: IG).

The Barbiecore look that Matilda used for a rainy day

Always canchera, Matilda Salazar posed for her mother with the inevitable sunglassesin tune with his Fuchsia trench-style coat with ruffles. In the same way, Luciana’s daughter combined her rain boots with a floral print T-shirtboth matching in the same tone of pink stick.

Matilda Salazar contrasted her Barbiecore look with classic denim jeans. (Photo: IG).

Finally, she completed her total pink look with classic Denim jeans, which generated a good contrast in the entire outfit, which made her highlight the different shades of roses. The mini influencer raised her outfit wearing a ponytail held by a pink bow, with the detail placed on the gummed stylewhich gave a wet hair effect.

Matilda took her look to another level with a gelled hairstyle, which gave the effect of wet hair. Very canchero for a rainy day. (Photo: IG).

Matilda Salazar celebrated May 25 dressed as a civilian

On Wednesday, prior to May 25, Matilda Salazar celebrated Revolution Day dancing a classic zamba during a school function. The mini-influencer he dressed as a civilian and touched social networks with his charisma and his talent for folk dance.

The mini influencer brought cupcakes to her school and shared a super patriotic afternoon with her classmates and the parents of all the boys.

“They danced a zamba. Each Kinder garden (garden) had a different act. She had to dance. The parents enjoyed the show and they didn’t ask us to participate,” he told PEOPLE, Luciana Salazar, very proud. (The photos and videos).

Matilda Salazar dressed as a civilian on the eve of May 25. (Photo: IG).

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