This May 6, the United Kingdom and the world witnessed the coronation of King Charles III, the first in 70 years. With this event, several questions have been generated and some of them are: What would happen if Carlos died? Who would occupy the throne?

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Right now, The answer to these questions is very easy to answer and it would be his eldest son, Prince William. Also, next in line for succession would be William’s son, Prince George. However, in recent years different things have happened, which may change the course of the monarchy.

It is important to mention that at the moment there is great discontent towards the monarchy among the British people, which does not guarantee that a new coronation will be allowed after the end of Charles’ reign.

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On the other hand, before the death of Queen Elizabeth, there was a rumor that possibly Carlos was going to be replaced by his eldest son, since he has a popular approval of 65 percent. According to Deltapoll polls, just 5 percent of young people and 27 percent of the general population wanted Charles to be king, while 47 percent wanted Prince William to be crowned.

Since 2011, the people have been in favor of William’s rise, as both the queen and Charles were booed on a trip to Quebec, Canada, where a year later the prince and his wife Catherine were applauded and received with great emotion, explained the historian Robert Lacey in the Washington Post.

Although the majority of the British people wanted William to be the current king, it is important to mention that this leap to the line would not be possible. According to the law stipulated in the Settlement Act number 1701, the successor of the monarch can only be the one who is in direct line to the throne, and the only way that this does not happen is that the legitimate heir renounces being the king or queen.

In addition, to this is added that the heir is a direct legitimate descendant of the monarch and the order of birth regardless of sex. In this case, the firstborn will be the one who is crowned, but in the event that it is missing, the next one would be his younger brother.

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What is the line of succession to the throne like?

First up is Prince William. In second place is George, William’s eldest son, in third place Charlotte, and in fourth place the youngest son, Luis. In fifth place is Prince Harry, followed by his son Archie. In seventh place is Lilibeth, the youngest daughter of Harry and Megan.


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