Corinne Savage was having a “very, very difficult” day when she wrote If I were a fish, a simple uplifting song that has become a hit on social media.

Savage, 17-year-old American who identifies as non-binaryhe had written songs that he shared on his social networks, along with other videos on personal topics, but he always found himself with negative comments.

I felt out of place like I didn’t have a community [a la cual pertenecer]Like I’m too weird to fit in anywhere. And I told my girlfriend, who is supportive and wonderful,” Savage told the BBC.

His partner, 18-year-old Olivia Barton, suggested he write a song “that talks about how cool it is to be weird,” he recalls.

He did it in 10 minutes.

“And it became a song about self-acceptance, self-love, and it made me feel so much better. I think this song is much more healing than I could imagine. I think it has some magic or something and it’s spreading like crazy. So I think it’s healing for everyone,” reflects Savage.

If I were a fish and you caught me / You’d say, ‘Look at that fish / Shimmering in the sun / Such a rare one’ in the sun, it’s so weird”), says the first verse.

The verse, performed with a few simple guitar chords, quickly went viral. In less than a month online, it has surpassed 16 million views and has almost 3 million likes.

But more than that, it has inspired many people to sing it and share videos of how a simple song can give them a moment of happiness in the midst of the negativity that can be generated on social media.

Why’s everybody on the internet so mean? / Why’s everybody so afraid of what they’ve never seen? (“Why is everyone on the internet so mean? Why is everyone so afraid of what they’ve never seen?”) she says in the chorus of If I were a fish.

“I try not to look at things on the internet too much because it can be a little scary,” says Savage.

But he saw that his song generated a very positive effect and wanted to make a call to sing it in a group in his native Nashville, Tennessee.

“And I thought maybe 25 people would come. And then I got there and there were about 300 people there,” she says excitedly.

In addition to his other videos becoming very popular, people discovered Savage’s lyrics and music. His videos have been popularized on TikTok and his songs on music platforms have also been widely accepted.

The young songwriter has now begun a festival tour in New York and Los Angeles.

And all thanks to a song in which he celebrates the joy of being different.

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