The stand-up group the blame girls was visiting the program of FFernando Dente, by America TV and as expected, they got everyone in the studio laughing. They all underwent a round of questions, and when it was time to answer who of all had more sexual relations, they all pointed to Malena Guinzburg.

“Yes, it’s a lot. It’s like for me, today, after having been alone for so long, being with a partner is like an all inclusive. It’s like when you go on vacation and you don’t waste a second there” The humorist confessed with a laugh, who assured that she was alone for many years and without sexual partners.

Then he added a piece of information that surprised the driver, a hilarious way of timing their sexual relations. “A way of measuring how much we have, even though I’m not watching, once Calamaro was playing and I realized that there were 3 Calamaro songs in a row”. After telling the anecdote, the production showed a picture of the young man, and the comedian assured “He’s not Jewish and I think it’s the worst thing I could do to my aunt.”.

Malena Guinzburg confessed that she suffered a lot for love and even dated a nephew of Pope Francis

The sincericide of Malena Guinzburg:
The sincericide of Malena Guinzburg: “I’m having a lot of sex.” Photo social networks

Malena Guinzburg gave a startling confession during the show, Can Talk. The comedian did not hesitate to be one of the participants in the circle who was encouraged to talk about her love past and she surprised everyone with her anecdotes.

Malena revealed that today his loving present with his new partner, Adrianis very happy but suffered a lot for love throughout his life. “I suffered a lot for love. Today I see it in a very exaggerated and pathetic way. Too much toxic and very low self-esteem”, Confessed the comedian before the gaze of Andy Kusnetzoff.

“I spent the night with one and I was already thinking about where to spend Christmas. It was very melodramatic. She would go out with one month and cry for five ”, revealed the daughter de Jorge Guinzburg cregarding the intensity he handled in his relationships.

“ANDn love I learned more from my failures than from my successes. !Bah! Actually, the issue is how I went through each relationship and the fact that I have stumbled several times with the same stone: something that I no longer want to happen. At work I did a monologue that did not work in an event and I changed it but I also understand that it is not easy to compete with a “sanguchito” of crumb: you always lose“, he had confessed Malena to People a while ago.

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