Juana Repetto (34) became a voice for consultation on maternity issues, and social networks became her channel par excellence to get in touch with her followers, reflect and answer questions. It was in one of those many feedbacks in which she revealed a forceful detail about the relationship between her “mommy” times and the sexuality of her partner.

Through the classic Instagram question box, the daughter of queen reech (65) and Nicholas Repetto (66) told how he leads his sexual life with Sebastian Graviottoher husband since 2020, and, without turning around, confessed that “Relationships in the puerperium, couples, friends… It’s very difficult. I’m stuck, I’m just a mom.”

“It is my first puerperium as a couple and the truth is that it is difficult. One has the livid in the boys, you are exhausted, you sleep badly and the little time you have you want to use for yourself (say, bathing). Not to mention if we have more than one child, ”explained the 34-year-old.

Juana Repetto and Sebastian Graviotto.

the mother of Toribio (6) and belisarius (2) said that the keys are to have “patience, love, empathy and dialogue”, and he recommended to his followers that they let the other know what is happening to them so that everything flows in the best way.

Juana Repetto opened up about anger

On the other hand, the actress explained that “anger/violence sometimes takes us completely in relation to motherhood” and said that there are opportunities where she feels that “A fire enters that takes over my body and I have a hard time containing it, it generates in me like violence.”

Juana with Toribio and Belisario.

And he reflected: “That really happens to me, that there are times when I completely collapse and it takes me completely. AND I feel, from all your messages, that it is something that happens to the vast majority of us and that it is something that people have a hard time talking about. It is not spoken, it is not said, it is not shared and it is not good ”.

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