We are really hallucinating, it is not an exaggeration of mine. It turns out that this morning, looking at Instagram in the recommended area, I saw a video that caught my attention. Some sandals, a bow. Two success ingredients that usually capture me instantly.

But it is that when I entered the video in question, I was stunned, seeing that it is a video of a wonderful trick for transform flat sandals with a scarf/narrow bow.

And there is more. It turns out that the sandals he uses to do it is a shovel-type sandal design, Hermés-style, but in raffia fabric, which are TACHÁN, from Amazon. Yes, yes, from The Drop, one of the signatures of the platform, and which are also very affordable, €34.90.

The bow she uses is also from Amazonbut this one in particular is not sold in Spain, but I have come up with options, and even more affordable ones.

And having explained this, I return to the video and how this insider has managed to turn her flat minimal raffia sandals from Amazon into a new marvel just by using a scarf bow that has gone as braiding through the different openings of the design.

It really is better to see how he does it, because it seems quite easy to emulate, and we think it is an IDEAL way to transform simple flat sandals into completely different onesmore sophisticated and daring.

A black or white dress, these sandals (with or without a scarf)) and you have a look that even strangers you pass on the street will ask you about. Little word.

This is the video

These are the sandals


Flat sandals

The Drop


Some narrow handkerchiefs


Or some monocolor ribbons


wide bow ribbon



Original Publisher: https://www.elle.com/es/moda/noticias/a44458560/sandalias-tipo-hermes-mujer-baratas-amazon-panuelo-truco-de-moda/