Isabel Macedo She referred to the family drama that she and her family went through due to the fat-phobic messages she received on social networks against Julia, her 11-month-old daughter, whom she had with her husband. Juan Manuel Urtubey.

“I feel that this has to do with how bad the person who wrote it is, I don’t want to get hooked on it. There is everything in life and I don’t want to spend time on bad things,” he reflected in an interview he gave to Maria Laura Santillan for Infobae.

“There is no explanation for me. I want my head to be busy with things that matter to me and things that I can change. It’s not that I don’t respond to that because I don’t know how to whore. I mean, you don’t know how cute I bitch and the barbaric things I can say. But not with someone who is being so mean, because That for me only makes violence grow and I am not here for that ”, followed.

Isabel Macedo is outraged with those who criticize her daughters

“My daughters are being educated in a house full of love,” said Isabel Macedo

Isabel Macedo and Juan Manuel Urtubey with their daughter.  Photo social networks.
Isabel Macedo and Juan Manuel Urtubey with their daughter. Photo social networks.

“We can’t all be good. It is not that we are all the same nor do we all think the same about everything. It is good that there are people who think in one way, so that they also highlight that this is wrong in the eyes of the other. Not all of us were raised in the same way and not all of us experience the same situations in life. Someone who lived in a home where they did wrong to him is very aggressive and has that to give, because that was the environment in which he was educated.

The actress said that “everyone is living a unique experience while they are alive. It doesn’t seem bad to me that the girls read it when they have to read it because they alone, being educated in my house that is full of love, are going to realize that what is wrong is the other. Being skinny, tall, fat, what do I care. It is the problem of those who do not see the soul of the one in front of them. If the case arises, I suppose that it would be good for that person to be sanctioned ”.

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