Silvina Luna (43) remains hospitalized in intensive care after a bacterium entered her body and caused multiple organ failure. This morning, Angel De Brito He said on his Twitter that last night they took the artificial respirator out of him, he is conscious and he even recognized his brother.

The model’s painting has several edges, and it is intuited that the trigger was the product that Hannibal Lotocki implanted in the body as fillers. The doctor, who not a plastic surgeonwas sentenced in the first instance to 4 years for serious injuries. He continues to provide care, even after one of his patients died in the operating room. And her practice is full of women who aspire to be a paragon of beauty.

The product that would have in the body would be polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA), which is approved by ANMAT for use in small quantities, such as in a tooth, but never to make a large filling.

As if it were little, the tests done on the victims show that it is not the substance they have in their bodies either. That is why it is presumed that the doctor lowered it with a powder, whose origin is unknown.

Added to this, several of the complainants stated that they woke up from the anesthesia and discovered that what had been done to them Lotocki It was not previously agreed. In Silvina’s case, she entered the operating room for a buttock augmentation and came out with illegal padding up to her thighs.. Although he did not file a complaint in court, louis ventura Something similar happened to him and he was deceived, with the seriousness that the anesthesia was not enough and he woke up in the middle of the process.

Fillers, like any foreign product inside the body, can be rejected. First it is encapsulated and as a defense mechanism it unleashes an inflammatory reaction. Then the granulomas form and consequently generate an increase in vitamin D. This raises the levels of calcium in the blood, which in Silvina’s case, it led to kidney failure.

TO Gabriela Trenchi He also added fillers where he didn’t want and triggered Guillain-Barré Syndrome. “I went for tension threads in the tail and he placed a material up to my anklesthat I can never take it off again. No one can say what we have. It is a poison that is a time bomb”he pointed out last night, in dialogue with TN.

Mariano Caprarola was another of the victims of Aníbal Lotocki. He also went for a butt implant, and his body’s reaction to the product was the same as hers. Silvina Luna. “When my doctor grabbed me He told me that I was about to die from calcemiahis whole body was destroyed,” he confided to PEOPLE when he told how he managed to get ahead.

In your case, chose to undergo a new invasive surgery in order to remove the maximum of the product which I had as a filler. His testimony was heartbreaking: during the operation he was under anesthesia from the waist down and could hear the hardened plastic peeling from his muscles. “It wasn’t a real body, I was a monster, I had nothing to do with my image“He remarked some time later, when he managed to recover.

Pamela Sosa, victim of malpractice, crossed Aníbal Lotocki, her ex-partner: “I was by your side for 8 years and I know many things”

“Look how I’m shaking, listening to him makes me feel sick”was the first thing he said Pamela Sosa when it appeared on the screen telenochethe program you chose Hannibal Lotocki to break the silence after the hospitalization of Silvina Luna.

In addition to having been his partner for 8 years, Pamela was also a victim more from the doctor. Although it does not have the same product that Silvina and Gabriela Trenchi were filled with, it was found to have liquid silicone.

“With the studies I realized that what I had inside is not even methacrylate, but a polymer mixed with an oil. They found me oil, silicone actually”, he pointed out. “I would have liked to ask Why do I have silicone in my legs, it is not what I asked for or what he had told me”, he assured with anger. And he added: “The Metacril brand provided data in the trial and they said they had not sold it for 15 years, so where did you get it from? We found that something else got into us.”

pamela sosa and anibal lotocki
Pamela Sosa and Aníbal Lotocki, when they were a couple.

“We won the trial, you are sentenced for four years. That means you did the wrong thing. Why don’t you realize that you did things wrong? I spent eight years by your side and I know many things… for example, how you kept the polymer. In Chile you also had problems, that dust they sent to clean“, shot sharp, speaking knowingly of the entire modus operandi, as well as the consequences of it on his body.

“Me They found me granulomas and I have diabetes. Although it is a silent disease, because I do not have visible consequences, I take care of myself and follow a diet in terms of food and physical exercise, ”she clarified.

“I can’t believe this man has the face to present himself this way when he left a person hospitalized and fighting for his life. Doctors are there to save lives and not for this! Did you ever take over? They know why not, because he is a narcissist.. The only thing that matters is money. The guy is a psycho. They should do a psychological examination on him, ”she said without mincing words.

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