The state of Silvina Luna (43) is deteriorating, the actress has been hospitalized for 15 days in the intensive care area of ​​the Italian Hospital and in the last hours an unfortunately discouraging prognosis was known.

On the screen of America TV, brito angel recounted: “Silvina continues in a critical state of health. This is the reality. One of the issues is the respirator. She can’t breathe on her own, she has no strength, her body has no strength. That is why she is connected to the respirator ”.

“Some specialists explained to me today that the respirator and intubation have a period of 14 days. That’s why there was a performance last week to try to get him to breathe on his own. They were there handling it for two days and they had to intubate her again, sedate her and put her on a mechanical respirator,” he continued, detailing the medical report of the former Big Brother.

In turn, the journalist indicated that although it was said that Silvina Luna is awake, this is not entirely true since it is for certain periods in which sedation allows it. “There is some degree of encephalopathy. This can cause dehydration, excessive protein intake or low potassium levels, there may also be bleeding in the intestines, esophagus or stomach. In other words, the picture is complicated ”, said the LAM driver, who had invited Silvina Luna to his program exactly one month ago, with alarm.

“Silvina in turn presents a polyneuropathy. This means that you have several nerves involved. That is why there is talk of multi-organ failure, because it has various complications of the brain, the lungs and obviously the kidneys, ”he remarked.

Ángel de Brito outlined the steps to follow that the specialists would be reviewing so that Silvina Luna can stay alive and improve slowly. “They are seeing if they finally do a tracheostomy so that they can breathe without intubation, so that they can breathe through another way.”

“Silvina lives in pain, every day of her life she lived in pain, everything hurts and now that moves to her organs, to her kidneys, to her lungs, which hurt every time she breathes. In other words, it is not that she has a little pain, plus all the disorders that she causes, ”she recalled the model’s own words when referring to the disease resulting from malpractice.

And concluded: “He has been in a bed for many weeks. Any patient in this state loses strength, becomes weaker, he loses motor skills, he loses a lot of things that luckily we all have. Obviously, with the tracheotomy you can have minor problems like injuries to the trachea or vocal cords, but it is so that you can breathe and that is the most important thing today.”

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