The rapper and son of the renowned quartet singer Rodrigo Bueno, Ramirogave an interview to brito angel where he remembered some phrases from his father and explained that people give him a lot of affection thanks to the memory. He also assured that, although he does not look physically the same as his father, he has many attitudes from him.

“The reality is that only those who forget die and he said it, it is forbidden to forget and people live it like this to this day. The truth is that I am flooded with messages of respect, affection and love from people who may not she met him, but she saw him downstage and was delighted by what Rodrigo meant to each person” He began by explaining the artist.

In addition, the son of the king of the quartet told a tender anecdote that he lived with a follower of his father. “For each person it meant something different, it recently happened to me that a lady hugged me and spent two minutes hugging me and crying. She thanked me and so on and I see what it means to people there and that they feel that giving me a hug is also sharing with He is something that fills me with pride and love” counted.

Ramiro Good.  Photo file.
Ramiro Good. Photo file.

“I am similar to him in many matters of attitude and ways of getting along with people, the bond that I have with people as an artist as well. I love sharing with people, enjoying and sharing stories, generating good bonds and healthy ties that give a lot and because of my old man, I received many beautiful things and people that I love very much.Ramiro closed.

Almost 23 years after his death, Ramiro Bueno revealed that he feels Rodrigo’s presence

This June 24 marks the 23rd anniversary of the tragic death of the renowned Cordovan quartet singer, Rodrigo Bueno, one of the references of the quartet. In the last hours, his son ramiro he remembered it and was surprised when he recounted a paranormal experience about signals he received from the musician.

It was in an interview with J.uan etchegoyen in Miter Live, where he revealed that the singer was present to him and that he was shocked by the episode, although he is aware that he is always taking care of him. “I can not believe it. It happened to me a few days ago when I recorded my new video clip in Zona Sur and a guy approached me and he told me that he wanted to hear my art. He asked me where I could look for my material and he told me that it came from the Rodrigo Bueno neighborhood and I said ‘what?’ There is no chance of just being a coincidence. It can’t be, here is my old man, I said”, he expressed on the air.

Rodrigo and Ramiro Bueno.  Photo file.
Rodrigo and Ramiro Bueno. Photo file.

Then the son of Rodrigo and Patricia Pacheco added: “These signs that I received always generate love and joy for me, because otherwise I have to take it to the side of throwing myself down and wondering the why of certain things.”

Also, during the interview, ramiro thanked the love he receives from his dad’s fans: “He is present in the people and he manifests himself to me in that way. I try to give people the same joy and today my father is still present in the Argentine people. I will always be grateful”.

Finally, the son of Rodrigoassured that on this special date he cannot contain sadness: “It becomes very difficult but, based on that, I get very sentimental and try to take advantage of that when writing. Everything I carry inside, I can put it on a sheet and I can write lyrics that come from the depths, it’s great to take advantage of those situations ”.

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