Maria Fernanda Callejon referred to the separation of Ricky Diotto, that took place last year, and that meant one of the darkest chapters of his last times. “I was a public cuckold with two weeks of media scorn”, confessed. The truth is that, although at that moment she came out to defend him and deny everything, ten months after the breakup, she sees what happened from another place.

And this has to do with something that goes beyond finding out about the infidelity through television. “Already I did not feel valued as a woman, as a mother or as a professional. And that devaluation was the first big impact. When I became a piece of furniture in the house. An ornament!”, he said bluntly.

In a note with Infobae, the actress explained that she was the victim of a violent situation and clarified that this term “is not just a punch, which on the other hand never existed. But violence can be exerted consciously and unconsciously in many other ways.

“And yes, I have experienced violent situations. verbal violent situations… Of ignoring the other person. That was the break. The final trigger ”, she sentenced.

The economic conflict between María Fernanda Callejón and Ricky Diotto

Callejón assured that the current conflict she is experiencing with Diotto is exclusively economic, although she was very annoyed that she revealed to the press that she had already rearmed her life with Fernando Gamboa.

“The truth is that the romance is something that I should have come out to clarify. Then he accused me of breach of contact with our daughter, who never existed and there was not even an agreement where that appears. It is a conflictive separation but I want to believe that we are going to reach an agreement,” he concluded.

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