The singer and actress, Jimena Baron She became a great influencer on social networks and managed to build her great musical career through her personal experiences. One of her last hits released by her, is titled “The Spider”, and was based on the story of the separation of the father from his son. momo, GivesNiel Osvaldo. The artist confessed some details about how one of her friends, Gianinna Maradonahe started dating his partner while they were still together.

“Of course it is a story from my life that brought me a lot of pain. A betrayal, a great friendship, a very important person to me who was at a very important moment in my life and who was a great support. And that he ended up taking this unexpected turn of betrayal. It was something that had choked on my heart for 8 years. Having written this song and taking it out was also removing a lot of personal things,” he said. on the background of the topic.

Jimena Barón with Daniel Osvaldo, file photo
Jimena Barón with Daniel Osvaldo, file photo

Then, he explained in detail the context in which it all happened: “My old man had died and very different from separating, I saw one day on television that my partner was with another woman getting tattoos of their names, therefore, I gave up separately. She really helped me a lot with this”assured about the important role played by the daughter of Diego Maradona in their last stage of relationship, as or explained in the topic.

Jimena He said this in reference to the images that went viral among osvaldo and the singer militta bora, with whom he had an intense romance, and whose name was tattooed. It was just days after leaving the house that he shared with the actress and her son Morrison, where they had moved on their return to Argentina, in May 2015, when he was then a footballer he was transferred to the Boca Juniors club. That’s when Gianinna happens she becomes a neighbor of the singer since she lived in the same complex and the friendship between Baron and Dalma Maradona It helped the relationship between the women. The ex-wife of Kun Aguero He was the one who accompanied the actress and supported her in the midst of pain.

Just two months later, a few weeks after the romance between Osvaldo and Bora, versions began to circulate indicating that the player and Maradona they had been seen together in a bowling alley. The actress felt disconcerted at that timersion. “I’m going to talk to Gianinna and I’ll ask her to explain what happened”Baron said at the time.

I already talked to her and everything is fine. We’ve been friends for a long time.” held Dalma. However, a few days later, photos and videos appeared where she was seen hugging the soccer player, laughing and enjoying mutual friends.

feeling betrayed, Jimena revealed his pain during an invitation to the cycle of Mirtha Legrand. “YouWe had a bond and a friendship for Dalma. Gianinna was always Dalma’s sister. I lived opposite her house in Tigre, the famous cursed Tigre house. Obviously we bonded a lot and she helped me with a lot of things. Then there was a situation that didn’t make me feel comfortable, and we don’t have a relationship anymore.” he said at the time.

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