A month has already passed since the scandal of the robbery in the dressing rooms of THE Mthe program of Angel de Brito, whose victims were several of the little angels: Marcela Feudale, Estefi Berardi and Mónica Farro who was a guest.

It was known that they stole more than 200 thousand pesos from the cards of the panelists, after they took them out of their wallets, and they took some and took photos of others with the data. But not everything ended in complaints on television and social networks, those affected filed a criminal complaint, although without obtaining more than clues as to who they could have been.

The first defendant was Morena Rial, who attended the program that day brito angel by América TV, and was accompanied by several friends. And finally, this Monday the truth behind the controversial robbery was known.

Daiana Pedanothe ex-nanny of the son of Morena Rial, was on a cell phone with the RunRun program (Crónica TV) and confessed to having participated in the criminal act against the little angels. “I take charge of the robbery in LAM. I was part of those who robbed, not the only one… It was me with another person,” the woman confessed on air.

The internship between the former babysitter and Morena Rial

In the middle of the phone call with Leo Pecoraro and Fernando Piaggio, Daiana also revealed the internship she had with Jorge Rial’s daughter.

According to her testimony, she was fired a few days ago by Morena Rial for advice she would have received from someone close. “Morena, I miss a witch”he added. And for her, this would have been a betrayal, leaving the friendship between the two in doubt.

Likewise, he wanted to justify himself by saying that he stole in LAM “for a time of need”. And although she assured that no one asked her to do it, she maintained that she was threatened and for this reason she could not give more details about the case.

“The purchases in the pharmacy were several people”, shot.

Theft in the LAM dressing rooms.  Photo screenshot.
Theft in the LAM dressing rooms. Photo screenshot.

This is how Morena Rial reacted to the accusations of the robbery in LAM

After learning that she was being singled out on social networks for the robbery in LAM’s dressing rooms, Morena Rial reacted categorically in an audio that quickly went viral.

“Nothing to see, I did not touch anything. It’s crazy that they accuse me without proof. They put me as if I had touched something … That those who lacked something write to me, ”she explained, implying that no one contacted her.

“It seems to me a total lack of respect towards me,” she said angrily. She also said that it’s one thing to get to use her dad’s cards. Jorge Rialwhile another very different thing is to rob a dressing room on a television channel. “I was wearing jeans and a blazer, I didn’t even have a bag”justified.

“I changed there, I went out and bye. Look if I’m going to go choreando in the channel so that later they say that I am a delinquent. No my love… I’m not a delinquent, I don’t handle myself like that”, he said, very sure of his words.

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