“Leaving is not the easiest, I know we are going to miss.” With that phrase, Diego Korol He announced with pain that he is going to live abroad amid questions about his possible return to local television. Thus, the driver will embark on a new course from June in Madrid.

“They made me a proposal from a production company called Sic Tres, It belongs to an Argentine who has lived there for many years, works with events and corporations and is going to develop audiovisual and creative content; They offered me to run that department. From there I will keep my job at Direct TV television and radio, with interviews with players and rights that the signal has”, he told La Nación in an interview.

And, when giving more details about the tasks that he will undertake in the Old Continent, he said that he was invited “to participate in the creative department of something that interests me a lot, the Museum of Legends, a very good idea of ​​Argentine people that is a museum of football that opens in June, at Puerta del Sol, in Madrid. The sum of all that I like and I’m going to Spain ”.

The idea, In principle, it is to carry out these projects and see how it goes. It will depend on that if your stay is extended permanently or if you make a hybrid between both continents. The truth is that the removal operation began, with a special focus on their children who must continue their education in Spain.

How Diego Korol’s family lives the move to Spain

“The three of us talked about it a lot as a family. My son knows that it is a project and that we can go and come back. The doors of his school remain open here. In fact, there is a school that is quite similar there, which they recommended to us so that, if we return, we can automatically enroll. We are by no means scared out of the country. On the contrary, we have always done well and we are grateful,” he revealed.

In dialogue with that medium, Korol said that he is taking the farewell to his friends and family “calmly”.

“My son’s classmates wanted to throw him a farewell game and I suggested that it be a good trip game. It costs at the family level, obviously, but it is an opportunity. Leaving is not the easiest thing in the world, I know we are going to miss it, but as a family we are going to give ourselves the chance to see how we are doing in this project”, he closed.

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