Wanda Nara was admitted to the Los Arcos Sanatorium and his state of health was one of the most important news of the week. Rumors, insinuations and different versions of what happened to the host of master chef (Telefe) were the order of the day.

So much so that Jorge Lanata he ventured to risk a supposed diagnosis that shocked public opinion. For this reason, many users of social networks and various personalities criticized the way in which the news was treated. Some as brito angel, Jorge Rial and Connie Ansaldi they stood out for their words for their proposals and the request for privacy.

The indignation in networks for an alleged diagnosis

“It seems scary to me that they throw medical diagnoses and prognoses on public people without the protagonists talking about it. What’s wrong with them? Human quality is BEFORE any other. Health is not gossip,” he wrote Connie Ansaldiand received a retweet from Estefi Berardi.

Furthermore, Ansaldi stated: “Sanatoriums have to strongly review their privacy and data leak policies. Have your staff under strict NDAs. It cannot be that one is going to be treated and on top of having a problem, dealing with the fear of our intimate data leaking. This has to be penalized“.

Besides, brito angel wrote: “Everything they are doing around a famous person who has no diagnosis is HORRIBLE. EVERYTHING. Confirm, speculate, talk in general pretending not to refer to it, bring relatives to do shows, etc. Only the person should speak, no one before“.

Jorge Rialwho a few months ago suffered something similar after suffering a heart attack in Colombiatweeted that he also suffered the fake news. “It is a shame to see doctors who do not have access to the patient or to the medical history giving their opinion on the health of Wanda Nara. I experienced it firsthand when there was speculation here about the origin of my cardiac arrest. They do their profession a disservice,” wrote the driver of Argenzuela.

On the other hand, the doctor Mariana Lestelle He criticized journalism, but also his colleagues. “There are presumptive diagnoses and there are certainty diagnoses. Taking a presumptive diagnosis as a certainty is, to say the least, unethical,” she wrote.

Hermetism about Wanda’s health and the Andrés Nara factor, which became a trend in networks

The only one in the family who spoke about the state of health of the Masterchef host was her father Andres Narawho on Thursday the 13th and in dialogue with PEOPLE She said that the model also went to have some studies done and one of the results came out with a “small alteration”. To stay calm and make sure everything was fine, she had a more thorough check-up and that’s why she stayed in the clinic.

Finally, Andrés was able to enter the sanatorium and confirmed that his daughter was discharged and returned home. This was also revealed on his Instagram account to end the speculation. Until then everything was fine. The criticism came on the night of Friday, July 14, when she sat down at the table of controversy in the bar (America) and starred in a controversial moment with Eliana Guerciowho emphasized that his public appearances “do not do Wanda good.”

Through tears, the panelist and wife of Sergio Romero He scolded him: “You’re letting her down.” And she pointed out: “You have to respect your daughter. You don’t have to be here and give grades. You are the father, you are the one who has to take care of her the most.”

When is Wanda going to speak?

Despite the reports, diagnoses without any type of confirmation and in the midst of great secrecy about the evolution of his health, no official medical reports were released at the time. Her family (except her father, from whom she is estranged) also chose silence.

It was learned that Wanda will speak next Monday at 2:30 p.m. in Cut by Lozano (Telefe), the program Vero Lozano. However, the host herself confirmed through her social networks that the interview was recorded 10 days ago.

Regarding the note that we will issue on Monday at @CortaPorLozano, with Wanda on the couch, it is a note that we posted when I went to Masterchef. We made this note 10 days ago and it will air with the authorization of Wanda“said the driver.

The tweet with which Vero Lozano clarified that the interview with Wanda, which will be broadcast on Monday, July 17 in Cortá by Lozano, is pre-recorded material and generated before the news about the driver’s health.

The commitments that Wanda Nara had to cancel due to her entry to Los Arcos

The model had planned a family vacation that they had to suspend due to their intense pain. Her idea, like she does every year, was to go to Ibiza, the destination where her sister, Zaira, is, and before she thought she would go through Milan. In turn, she also had a photo session scheduled that had to be cancelled.

Wanda Nara
Wanda Nara after winning her first Martín Fierro. Photo: Chris Beliera

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