On a red carpet where there were certain hints of color, as was the case with pampita and Sun perezwho became ambassadors of pale pink with their wide dresses (the first with an authentic Carolina Herrera, and the panelist, with a creation by Verónica de la Canal), the total black looks did their thing and positioned themselves among the most sophisticated of the Martin iron 2023.

Such was the case with Amber of Benedictiswho stole all the flashes with his total black velvet look signed by Vero de la Canal. A rather daring bet that maintained the canchera essence of Mirtha Legrand’s great-granddaughter.

A “fresh” and “jovial” design, this is how some fashion critics described the look chosen by the daughter of Juana Viale. Advised by her stylist vicky mirandaimposed his mark glam rock with a bandeaux top and a pencil skirt.

Who did not agree so much was his grandmother. Mirtha, who arrived accompanied by all her heirs (Marcela, Juana and Ámbar) reacted to the compliments that Ámbar received. “She’s very low-cut,” she replied to the distinctive design she chose. Without turning around, the youngest responded nonchalantly and without wanting to debate: “And yes, Grandma, I have a cleavage.”

Vero de la Canal, creator of the Ámbar de Benedictis look at the Martín Fierro 2023.

Another of the young women who stood out with a glam rock style at the hands of Fabian Zitta –and with a certain similarity to the styling of Ámbar de Benedictis– was the journalist Elía’s tastingwho won the Martín Fierro for Best Youth Program, for Loudspeaker (TV Pública).

The journalist Cata de Elía won the Martín Fierro for Best Youth Program.

The total black looks that the Martín Fierro 2023 conquered

Among the most memorable and dramatic looks in total black, the two that she wore stood out. Wanda Nara. The first, signed by Gustavo Pucheta, was a dress satin black tartan with a skirt with a 9-meter tail and a corset with an exposed neck.

Later, the cosmetics businesswoman and host of master chef (work for which she was elected revelation of the year) chose a much more comfortable outfit to be able to move around the Hilton lounge. She opted for a black dress with large shoulder pads, with a tailoring composition.

Wanda Nara upon entering the red carpet of the MF 2023 (left) and after winning her shortlist as Revelation of the Year (right). In both looks she kept the Simonetta Orsini jewelry.

For his part, Natalie oreiro He also made an impact with his total black look signed by Maria Gorof. The actress, host and singer surprised with this last change, after having made her appearance on the “black” carpet with another piece by Gorof in Carmine Red and with a subtle sparkle of crystals.

Natalia Oreiro and her second look of the night, signed by María Gorof.

Although Juli Poggio, muna pauls, Georgina Barbarossa, priscilla crivocapich and Augustine cherry they lavished elegance in black, the few couples that arrived amalgamated with their outfits in total black captured all the attention.

Such was the case with Yanina and Diego Tower, she dressed by Jorge Rey, and the ex-soccer player by MANCINI. While, Abel pintos and Mulberry Calabrese they arrived combined to the banner of PEOPLE with pieces from Ménage à Trois.

On the left: Yanina and Diego Latorre; on the right: Abel Pintos and Mora Calabrese.

The winners of the Martín Fierro Award for Best Musical Program, German “Gut” and Flower KnollThey were among the most prominent. Otero for his dramatic punk-style dress by Pucheta that he had more than 500 meters of tulle applied in ruffles in a bell skirt and hundreds of rooster featherstartan bustier and some maxi sleeves.

Meanwhile, the former leader of Mambrú stood out for his disruptive outfit, the most striking male look of the night. A black washed silk settotally fluid, with trouser pleats and a flared shirt of great drama. Another creation by Pucheta, which referred to the styling of Jared Leto.

Germán Tripel and Flor Otero brought drama to the MF 2023 with pieces by Gustavo Pucheta.
Juli Poggio wore a Verónica de la Canal dress, inspired by a look worn by international artist Rihanna in the 2012 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.
Priscila Crivocapich wore a black dress sheathed in scaly sequins and different hand-applied crystals in monochrome tones signed by Gustavo Pucheta.
Muna Pauls with a MIJA design and Agustina Cherri with a Ramírez. Both wore Simonetta Orsini jewelry.
Georgina Barbarossa with her Martín Fierro for Best Magazine, for ‘A la Barbarossa’, which contrasted perfectly with her dress by Rocio Rivero Art Couture.

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