This April 26 arrives on the Netflix screen “The love after Love”the autobiographical series that recounts part of the life of fito paez: from his childhood to his consecration in the Velez Stadium with best selling album in rock history.

Produced by John Paul Kolodziej and Mariano Chihade, of Mandarina Contenidos, the project addresses the story that surrounded the famous musician from Rosariowhich was marked by pain, loss, tragedy, successes, failures, excesses, love and many songs.

With a total of eight episodes, “The love after Love” is starring Gaspar Offhenden and I vos hochmannwho They play Fito Páez, as a boy and as an adult respectively; and Martin Campilongo (Campi) as Rodolfo Páez, Fito’s father.

“I did not speak with Fito, but the directors did and they gave me material and stories about him in which he had told them about the father, based on that I put together the character. I understand that he saw the first scenes and was happy. So I went that way,” explained the comedian in dialogue with PEOPLE.

For his part, the young Ivos had the most difficult role: interpreting the artist from Rosario. “Fito told me about his relationship with the piano, how to play, how to put his hands… It was key and very interesting, because there was no one better than him to tell me about his experience”, he confessed to this medium.

Love After Love. Martín Campilongo and Gaspar Offenhenden.

According to the official synopsis of the production, which began filming in February 2022, the biographical series details the life and career of Páezone of the most important artists in Argentina, and his musical journey together with rock icons such as Charly García, Fabiana Cantilo, Luis Alberto Spinetta, Juan Carlos Baglietto, and other Argentine representatives of the song.

These legends will be interpreted by: Micaela Riera (as Fabiana Cantilo) Andy Chango (as Charlie Garcia) Julian Kartún (as Luis Alberto Spinetta), Darina Butryk (as Cecilia Roth) and Joaquin Baglietto (as Juan Carlos Baglietto). In addition, he accompanies the cast Mirella Pascual (as Belia, Fito’s grandmother).

The series is an invitation to live those times, that crazy decade… And that Charly appears, who is also the same, Fabi Cantilo, The Skinny (Spinetta), Don Cornelio, Virus… The series is really full of references to rock that makes you eat the screen because something is happening all the time and you don’t know what else is coming. It’s a gift,” says Ivos.

–How was the composition of Fito’s character?

-I vos: Like Martín (Campi) I had a lot of work with the directors and also with staff, research… I worked with Nahuel Monasterio who, in addition to being an incredible actor, was my coach throughout the series. With him we saw an interview with Rami Malek (actor who played Freddie Mercury) where he said that he worked with a choreographer and he realized that it was not working for him, so he began to try other things: he put on his dentures and began to feel ugly and misaligned, so that’s where he got the energy to understand the movements he made in Queen. So we began to wonder where Fito’s way of speaking and moving came from, and we said: “We believe that in some way he is trying to be seen” and we asked ourselves: “By whom?” and we assumed that it was his father, because he could not accept that he was a musician.

Love After Love: Ivos Hochman as Fito Páez.

–Before this experience, what did Fito Páez mean in your lives?

campy: I went through all this time of the Fito explosion. I was a fan, I had two identical records by Fito Páez, I think “El amor después del amor” or “Giros”, I don’t remember which one it was, but I had two identical vinyls. I bought one and the other was given to me because Fito was dying at that time. I lived it, I loved it, it identifies me, I liked it, I like it and I will continue to like it… I am growing and my taste is changing with it too. It’s a “let’s walk this path together”, a while ago.

-I vos: In my house there was “El amor después del amor”, because I was born in 1994 and the record is from 1992. My aunt and uncle went to see him at Vélez, so there is also an experience very much from the roots of my family… In my house they listened to “Love after love” and I danced to it in the living room (laughs) and I also remember getting excited as a boy with “Brillante sobre el mic”, then there is already a germ for a long time. In adolescence I began to investigate national rock, the greats and heroes of our music, and Fito’s time came and I bought “Giros” which is incredible. It touches me a lot too…

–And what did your family tell you when this possibility arose?

I vos: They could not believe it! When they confirmed me they said: “Well, ok. Maybe we still have to wait”, and I answered them: “no, but that’s it” (laughs) They couldn’t accept it! This is my first audiovisual project, so it was also something super big. And in relation to Fito… It’s crazy, very exciting, a beautiful experience, It was a tremendous shoot, an immense project about Fito that touches the lives of all of us. In that sense it is very exciting.

Love After Love. Martín Campilongo and Ivos Hochman.

–What is music for you?

campy: For me it is a photo, music works a lot for me as photographs of moments in my life. I listen to “Giros” and it automatically takes me to a moment in my life, I listen to “Al lado de la camino” and it’s more now… But music itself is part of my life.

What artists do you listen to?

campy: Fito listened a lot, I listened to a lot of national rock from that time, also Uruguayan, Italian and classical music. But Rodolfo (Fito’s father) knew more than me (laughs).

–How would you invite the public to see this series?

-Campi: This series is under the signature of Fito, he gave it the ok. In other words, we are not playing by ear, Fito’s life is told for real. We are all part of Fito’s history and Fito is part of everyone’s history, here in Argentina at least.

-I vos: I think it’s a story that many people will identify with because it’s the life of someone to whom a lot of things happened, a lot of tragedies, pain, darkness… And despite that, and perhaps with that, he was able to get ahead with a lot of light and surrounded by beautiful people: incredible artists, family and beautiful ties, so it is a series that speaks beyond the history of rock: family and friendship.

Photos: Juliet Horak / Netflix © 2023

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