Rapper and singer Jaden Smith confessed in the middle of a drug conference that his mother Jadan Pinkket was the first person to introduce him to psychedelic substance use. and the closest family circle, as reported by ‘Us Today’.

This was what she stated about the way she came to consume drugs: “She was the one who induced me for a long time and then finally the others followed her lead, each finding their own way of consuming.”

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Jaden considered that consuming psychedelics has led him to be a better person, to be closer to his family and to have greater philanthropic activities to do good to humanity.

“Brothers can argue and fight for so long and God knows we’ve done that in the past,” he added: “The level of love and empathy that I can feel for them within the psychedelic experiences has been something profound and beautiful. ”.

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Who is Jaden Smith?

Jaden Smith is an actor and singer, the son of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett. He was born in California, United States, on July 8, 1998.

He became known in the world of film acting from the movies ‘The Pursuit of Happiness’ and ‘Karate Kid’.

His first role on the small screen was in the series ‘All of us’. In 2006 thanks to the interpretation that she made in the movie ‘In search of happiness’was awarded the MTV award for Best New Actor.

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In 2010 it was the definitive launch of his stardom in Hollywood, by apprenticing to the famous actor and martial arts expert Jackie Chan. Since then he has not stopped appearing on the screen, his last film being ‘EnterGañatic’.

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