James Rodriguez He raised a lot of dust with his recent statements in which he talked about his past, present and future, as well as his expectations with the Colombian National Team in the tie.

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The midfielder of the National Team is without a team after leaving Olympiacos and waiting to find a team in the next market. His idea is to continue in Europe.

Mayer, withering

James revealed the team where he would like to play in Colombia

One of those who reacted with a controversial statement about the moment of James was the former soccer player and current coach Mayer Candle.

Mayer spoke on Caracol Radio’s VBar program and left an accurate phrase that is already shaking social networks. For Mayer, ‘James is a ‘spoiled child’.

Like when I was a footballer. I can’t always blame others. For example, I was wrong and I have to accept my mistakes and why my coach doesn’t put me on. I was very rebellious and that’s why they didn’t put me on. Or if I’m late or I get hurt a lot… why am I getting hurt so much?“Mayer said.


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He reflected that James does not take his responsibilities critically. “Let’s not just point out James, because he has also given us a lot of joy, but we have to be realistic that his performance has decreased due to his injuries and the conflicts he has had. It is that James seems to me, with great respect, because I love him as a player, who is the spoiled child of one’s house. If you didn’t educate him well and now that he behaves badly, we do want to hit him hard, when it’s too late.

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Mayer added: “Here it is not only the coaches, but also the journalists, the players and the fans, who always celebrate everything. Today it is strange to us that he does not accept a mistake, that we are all bad except him. Noel You also have to be a little more humble. I also love him very much and I want to see him always playing, but I cannot be inconsistent with me if he is not playing and is injured. He is not in a world like Colombia, where many times we did not have a doctor or a pill. They are cared for very well there and are given comfort“,

James, in his recent statements, spoke of his relationship with the coaches he has had in the National Team, such as Reinaldo Rueda and Carlos Queirozand denied having disputes with them.


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